V.MM. Use of Instructional Equipment 


POLICY TITLE: Use of Instructional Equipment

All instructional equipment owned by or consigned to the district will be used for its intended purpose: the provision, support, or preparation of education, training, technical assistance, or in support of a shared production/service function of the college. Instructional equipment is not available for the personal use and benefit of staff, family members of staff, students, community groups/organizations, or individuals from the general public. Any external entity using instructional equipment must do so under the provisions of a technical assistant contract.

To ensure that instructional equipment is properly and safely used and maintained, it is essential that any use of this equipment be properly supervised by a qualified faculty or staff member. Equipment will not be removed from the district’s premises unless it is being moved for a specific, authorized instructional use or repair/maintenance. Every effort must be made to ensure that instructional equipment is properly secured and maintained for safe use at all times.

Adopted: 05/11/87
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 04/29/98

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