VI.A. Code of Conduct - Students 


POLICY TITLE: Code of Conduct – Students

Fox Valley Technical College believes in creating and maintaining a learning environment that values academic excellence, institutional integrity, justice, equity, civility and diversity. The College is committed to the academic and personal development of all students and requires the behavior of all students to be compatible with the mission and values of the College. Students are required to conduct themselves in a positive and appropriate manner at all times while attending all College sponsored activities, both on or off any district campus. The code of student conduct is established to foster and protect the core missions and objectives of the College, to foster the scholarly and civic development of the College's students in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect the faculty, staff, and students as well as the properties and processes that support the College and its missions.

To meet these needs, Fox Valley Technical College administers the Student Code of Conduct which preserves both the need to support the teaching and learning mission of the College as well as observes appropriate procedure and the substantive rights of our students.

The president or designee shall administer the Code of Conduct and make changes as necessary to ensure orderliness of process and compliance with applicable laws. Copies of the Code of Conduct are available at and by request in the Office of Student Life.

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Student Code of Conduct

Adopted: 10/14/99
Reorganized: N/A
Reviewed: 12/18/09
Revised: 02/02/10

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