VI.F. Fee Structure for Out-of-State 

and International Students


POLICY TITLE: Fee Structure for Out-of-State and International Students

Since Fox Valley Technical College is primarily supported by local district tax funds, and since these tax funds have established the institution’s ability to provide services, it is our policy to recover all costs incurred in providing services to nonresidents of the state of Wisconsin. This is accomplished by nonresident student tuition and fee policies or special contract provisions. (Section 38.14[3], Wis. Stats.)
  1. Any nonresident student may enroll in regular Fox Valley Technical College programs and courses subject to per credit charges set by the Wisconsin Technical College System.

  2. Instruction of foreign national students is also possible under specially defined college technical assistance contracts which will operate on a cost recovery basis.

  3. Exceptions to the nonresident fee for international students will be permitted under the following guidelines:
  • Intent to become a U.S. citizen and Wisconsin resident; verified by application for work permit/immigration status.

  • Married to Wisconsin resident (proof of marriage and spouse residency).

  • Contractual agreements with business. No nonresident tuition will be charged. Contract in place.

  • Property owner and tax paying individual who lives within the state of Wisconsin.

  • Nonresident tuition waiver request authorized by the Fox Valley Technical College District Board of Trustees to request approval from the Wisconsin Technical College System to waive the nonresident tuition.

Adopted: 09/15/81
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 06/21/06
Revised: 06/21/06

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