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VI.G. Financial Aid - 

Satisfactory Progress to Qualify


POLICY TITLE: Financial Aid – Satisfactory Progress to Qualify

To receive financial aid at Fox Valley Technical College, certain eligibility requirements must be met, including maintaining satisfactory academic progress throughout the length of your program. A program is an associate degree or technical diploma and prepares the student for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

Satisfactory Progress - You must meet qualitative and quantitative requirements to maintain satisfactory progress each term to continue receiving aid.
  1. Qualitative Measure - Grade Point Average: a 2.0 GPA is required each term. All credits for the term at the census date including withdrawals or extensions are included in the equation to determine GPA for the term.

  2. Quantitative Measure - Credit Requirements: 75% of your credit load must be completed each term. All credits for the term at the census date, including withdrawals or extensions, are included in the equation to determine this percentage for the term.
Grades are reviewed at the end of each term to determine if satisfactory progress is being maintained. If satisfactory progress was not maintained during the term, the students are notified in writing that they are on probation or denied.

Students will continue to receive financial aid while on probation. If a student fails to meet the satisfactory progress while on probation, the student’s financial aid status will change to denied status.

Students may not receive grant money, be employed in the college Work-Study Program, or obtain a Stafford Student Loan while in denied status.

Students must complete one term with a minimum of six credits and meet the satisfactory progress requirements to remove the probation or suspension status.

Financial aid is available only for required and elective program courses. No financial aid is granted for repeated classes or withdrawals.

Eligibility evaluation is based on the student’s total academic record at the college, not just the terms for which the student received TITLE IV Aid. Federal regulations place a credit limit on funding for all financial aid students. Funding is available until you have reached 150% of the credits required to complete the program taken at FVTC. This includes all credits, including double majors, additional degrees, repeat credits, withdrawals, and transfer credits.

No evaluation is made of a transfer student’s academic history at a previous institution.

Students have the right to appeal the loss of financial aid due to not meeting the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress policy because of extenuating circumstances. The following are the steps to appeal:
  1. In writing explain the reason why you did not meet the SPP policy.

  2. Submit a plan for successful completion of training, as discussed and documented by your career and/or academic counselor.

  3. If requesting a one-time medical exception, attach a letter or documentation from your doctor explaining medical circumstance, the date(s) of occurrence, and that you are able to return to school.
Submit an Academic Petition form, located on the FVTC Financial Aid website, and all documentation to the Financial Aid Office or, if you prefer, you can make an appointment to see the director of Financial Aid. Documentation must be submitted at time of appointment.
  • If the appeal is approved, funding will be reinstated.

  • If disapproved, the educational costs will be the responsibility of the student until all terms of these guidelines are met.
If this petition is denied, you have the right to appeal this denial to the Appeals Committee. The committee will be composed of the director of Financial Aid, director of Enrollment Services, the registrar, and an academic counselor. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

Adopted:  01/01/84
Reorganized:  06/24/97
Reviewed:  06/21/06
Revised:  06/21/06

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