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II.I.1 Printers and Copiers 


POLICY TITLE: Printers and Copiers

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that 1) staff has access to printers and copiers for their work and 2) the College maintains a cost-effective process for managing and sharing the cost of leases and consumables associated with managing its fleet of printers and copiers. Printers and copiers are considered to be electronic media and their use is subject to all conditions of the Acceptable Use of Computers and Electronic Media policy.

The College centrally procures all printers and copiers. Requests for new printers should be submitted via a purchase requisition, and requests for new copiers should be submitted in writing directly to Purchasing. As part of the requisition approval process, Purchasing and/or IT will work with the requestor and the College’s document output vendor to determine the most appropriate equipment to procure. The cost for printers will be charged to individual department budgets and copiers will be charged to a central budget. Departments or units are not allowed to individually contract, purchase, or obtain a printer or copier that is not procured through this central process. In addition, employees will not be reimbursed for printers or toner purchased with their own personal funds. The use of personal printers is highly discouraged.

Usage will be tracked on all printers and copiers and will be used as a mechanism for internal chargebacks. Departments will be charged back on a monthly basis for prints and copies based on rates established by Printing Services. The chargeback will be used to centrally pay for lease and maintenance costs, supplies, and paper.

Maintenance requests for printers and copiers should be routed to the College’s document output vendor.

Adopted: 02/07/11
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: 01/12/11
Revised: 02/07/11
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