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I.H. Social Media 


POLICY TITLE: Social Media

Fox Valley Technical College respects the free speech rights of its employees. However, employees may be seen by others as representing official college views when participating in social media (blogs, chat rooms, and online social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). As with all Internet and e-mail-related activity, it is FVTC’s right to lawfully monitor employees’ use of social media to protect the College’s legitimate business interests. Employees have no expectation of privacy in any activity in which they engage on social media.

Employees are expected to use good judgment and discretion when using social media. Conduct that would not be acceptable in the workplace is not acceptable online. The same College policies and practices that apply to employee activities in general, apply to employee online activities.

FVTC has well established means to communicate with employees, students, customers, vendors and the media, including social media. Only those individuals officially designated by FVTC have the authorization to speak on behalf of the College to these audiences.

Please refer to the Acceptable Use of Computers and Electronic Media Policy for more related information.


  1. As stated in the Acceptable Use of Electronic Media Policy, FVTC computers and employee work time are to be used for college-related business. Personal sites should be maintained on employee’s own time using non-college computers. Limited, occasional, or incidental use of social media for nonbusiness purposes and which does not interfere with the employee’s job responsibilities, is not disruptive to coworkers, and which is otherwise consistent with FVTC policies is permitted. As with email, all blogs, tweets, and status updates should be considered publicly accessible. Such information can easily reach unintended audiences and may permanently remain in the public domain.
  2. If an employee identifies his or herself as an FVTC employee, anything stated or posted using social media may be interpreted as representing the official view of FVTC. Even if the employee does not identify his or herself, if others are aware of the person’s employment status, they may interpret what you say as “official” communication. Employees may not speak on behalf of FVTC without specific authorization. Unless an employee has been specifically authorized to provide official information, he or she should include a disclaimer stating that the views are not those of FVTC.
    (Example: The posts on this site, including but not limited to images, links, and comments left by readers, do not necessarily represent FVTC’s views or positions.)
  3. Intellectual property such as logos, trademarks, and instructional materials of FVTC may not be used without specific authorization.
  4. It is unacceptable to communicate or post information that defames the College, its employees, students, and customers/vendors, or casts FVTC in a negative light. The College trusts and expects its employees to use good ethical judgment and discretion whenever they participate in social media activities, appropriate to the professional responsibilities of an employee’s position. Never post using another person’s identity as such posts along with anonymous posts can be tracked back to the author. Employees are legally liable on their own social media sites and those of others.
  5. All communications and posts must adhere to FVTC’s Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy, and the Acceptable Use of Computers and Electronic Media Policy, and the legal requirements of FERPA and HIPAA.

Disciplinary Action
If you view something you believe is in violation of this policy, please contact your manager or Human Resources.

Any violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment to the extent allowed by law.

Adopted: 02/22/12
Reorganized: 02/22/12
Reviewed: 01/30/12
Revised: 02/22/12

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