II.G.1. Handheld Wireless Devices & Calling Cards 


POLICY TITLE: Handheld Wireless Devices and Calling Cards

For the purpose of conducting college business, handheld wireless devices (cellular phones, blackberries and pagers) and calling cards may be issued to employees when warranted. Based on rationale and a recommendation by the employee's manager, the respective unit's vice president (or president, where appropriate) will approve the issuance of handheld wireless devices and/or calling cards and the on-going budget implications associated with the approvals. All approvals are to be forwarded via the Handheld Wireless/Calling Card Request Form to Financial Services for centralized tracking.

All handheld wireless devices and calling cards issued in accordance with this policy are issued for business purposes and are not to be used as an employee's personal phone, blackberry, pager or calling card.  Porting of personal numbers to an FVTC-issued cell phone, blackberry or pager is not permitted.  De minimus personal use of this equipment is allowed and is subject to audit by Financial Services.  Employees who are found to have abused this policy may be required to reimburse the college for personal use and may be subject to other disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate.  In order to protect FVTC intellectual property, wireless devices issued by FVTC or personal devices that access FVTC resources, may be subject to FVTC security policy.

If deemed warranted after a billing audit, Financial Services may use its discretion in forwarding detailed call reports to deans and directors for verification of appropriate phone usage. 

The college will identify a preferred cell phone, blackberry and pager provider.  All employees for whom this equipment is deemed necessary will be issued equipment from this preferred provider.  The following exceptions apply to this rule:

  1. Preferred provider does not offer coverage at the employee's worksite.

  2. Preferred provider does not offer coverage at locations, other than the employee's worksite, where the employee is required to perform college business.

All exceptions must be recommended by the employee's manager and approved by the appropriate dean, director, vice president, or president.

Reimbursement Procedures for Business Calls Made on Personal Cell Phones or Calling Cards
  1. FVTC business calls will appear on cell phone and calling card invoices that are mailed to the employee at the employee's home address.

  2. The staff member will review the cell phone, etc. invoice(s), identify and highlight any FVTC business phone calls, and sign the invoice(s) to certify that the calls identified and highlighted were made on behalf of the college.

  3. The staff member shall submit a request via the Expense Reimbursement Request System for the reimbursable portion of the cell phone and/or calling card calls and/or blackberry data usage. The invoice(s) with the business calls highlighted must be included with the request. If the expense is incurred while travelling on college-related business, the request for reimbursement must be made via a travel voucher.

  4. Fox Valley Technical College will only reimburse staff for the cost of cell phone airtime, blackberry data usage and call toll charges. Monthly charges for service and equipment are the responsibility of the employee.

Related Forms (for internal use only):

Handheld Wireless/Calling Card Request

Travel Voucher

Adopted: 03/31/03
Reorganized: 05/01/08
Reviewed:  05/07/08
Revised: 06/04/08

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