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II.D. Credit Cards 


POLICY TITLE: Credit Cards

In order for Fox Valley Technical College staff, administration and board members to carry out the responsibilities of their positions, it is often necessary to make frequent and substantial commitments in lodging, meal costs and other costs for which travel advances and personal credit cards are not practical. In addition, it is often necessary to communicate frequently with other district offices and outside agencies throughout the district, state and nation.

For the purpose of handling the reimbursement of such expenditures incurred by district personnel in the most cost efficient and cost effective manner, the following administrative policy is hereby established:
  1. Bank credit cards will be issued to the college president, members of the District Board and to other staff as deemed necessary by the president. Bank credit cards are to be issued in the names of both the district and the individual.

  2. Credit cards for long distance phone charges will be issued to the college president, members of the District Board and to other staff as deemed appropriate by the president.

  3. Distribution and use of all credit cards shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the chief financial officer or at such other times as deemed appropriate for administrative reasons (i.e., when an existing user leaves the employment of FVTC).

  4. All expenditures involving the use of credit cards are the responsibility of the individual authorized to use the credit card. Personal expenses should not be charged on district credit cards. An employee or board member charging any personal expenses to a district credit card must reimburse the district for any personal expenses incurred, including applicable taxes.

  5. Procedures for reporting expenses charged to district credit cards shall be established and maintained by the Financial Services Office.
NOTE: Annual review by chief financial officer.

Adopted: 06/16/81
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 10/01/97
Revised: 10/01/97

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