II.F. Enterprise Fund Operations 


POLICY TITLE: Enterprise Fund Operations

Operations where the cost of providing goods or services to students, district staff or the general public on a continuing basis is financed or recovered primarily through user charges shall be accounted for in the Enterprise Fund. Sales from Enterprise Fund activities shall be accounted for in accordance with policies established by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board and generally accepted accounting principles.

Examples include:
Food service
Auto parts
Classroom resale—parts, supplies
Child care

An appropriate markup will be included in the sales price to recoup the cost of operating the Enterprise Fund activities.

The board shall be given a yearly profit and loss statement of income and expenses as part of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report’s Enterprise Fund section.

NOTE: Annual board review.

Adopted: 02/18/92
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/16/06
Revised: 03/16/06

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