III.D. Emergency/Inclement Weather Closings 


POLICY TITLE: Emergency/Inclement Weather Closings

Appleton/Oshkosh Campus Closing

If Fox Valley Technical College is going to close due to weather, the College will announce an Appleton/Oshkosh campus closing by 6:00 a.m. for day classes/activities and by 3:00 p.m. for evening classes/activities. The decision on campus closings will be made by the college President and the Vice President of Administrative Services or their designee(s).

Closing information is provided to television, radio stations, and through the College's emergency mass notification system. The roster of radio and television stations is made available through various resources including the FVTC website and bulletin boards at all FVTC campuses.

The College will strive to remain open to serve students. If the weather is threatening and campus stays open, the choice to report for class or work is ultimately up to the student or staff member. Driving conditions may vary across the wide geographical region served by FVTC. Every effort will be made to help the student make up educational experiences lost due to severe weather conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her instructor(s) to make up missed assignments. Staff members who choose not to report to work are eligible to use emergency leave.

When the campuses are closed, faculty and staff should not report to work. The buildings will be locked.

Regional Centers Closing
Because weather conditions can vary considerably across the district, regional center managers, after consultation with the Vice President of Administrative Services or his/her designee, will be responsible for closing the regional site. A plan for notification of students, staff and ITV personnel will be in place at each site.

ITV Class Cancellation
If the Appleton and Oshkosh campuses are closed, all interactive television (ITV) classes will be canceled at all campuses and ITV locations.

Adopted: xx/xx/xx
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 12/17/09
Revised: 01/08/10

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