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III.G. Parking Regulations 


POLICY TITLE: Safety and Security – Parking Regulations

It is the policy of the Fox Valley Technical College Board of Trustees to provide a safe and secure teaching, learning, and working environment for students, visitors and employees. The Board of Trustees has delegated to the president the authority to enact the necessary administrative policies, rules and regulations that will ensure a safe and secure teaching, learning, and working environment.

The president authorizes the Safety and Security Services Department to implement and carry out this administrative policy.

  1. Definitions
    In this policy, the following words and phrases have the meanings designated below.

    “Board” means the Fox Valley Technical College District Board of Trustees.
    “College” means Fox Valley Technical College.
    “Stats” means the Statutes of the State of Wisconsin.

  2. General Regulations

    1. Parking is a Privilege. Parking on the college campuses is a privilege granted by the Board to students, staff, and other persons who have reasons to visit the college. Repeated violations of parking regulations may result in the revocation of an individual’s right to park on campus.

    2. No Liability for Damage To/Theft of Vehicles or Contents. The college assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of vehicles or their contents while vehicles are parking on the college’s campuses.

    3. Registration of Vehicles. The president may require the registration of all student or staff motor vehicles or bicycles on lands under the board’s jurisdiction and may limit or prohibit their use in designated areas during designated hours.

    4. Towing. Motor vehicles parked in a restricted parking area without a valid permit, or motor vehicles parked in a fire lane, loading zones, or no parking zone, or unlicensed vehicles, may, at the owner’s expense, be towed from the restricted parking areas and stored.

  3. Parking Regulations

    1. State Laws Applicable to Stopping and Parking Adopted. All provisions of Sections 346.50, 346.505 and 346.52 through 346.56 Wis. Stats., as now existing or hereafter amended, which are applicable to highways as defined in Section 340.01(22), Wis. Stats., and which are not in conflict with any specific provisions of this policy, are hereby adopted for the regulation of stopping and parking of vehicles, including bicycles, on all roadways, including those off-street areas designated as parking facilities, under the control of the board, and are intended to apply with the same force and effect.

    2. Parking Allowed Only in Designated Areas. Parking is prohibited at all times on roads, drives and fire lanes traversing college property, and on any college property, except areas posted as parking areas, subject to any rules and restrictions in this policy.

    3. Open Parking. College staff and students may park in college parking lots at no charge, without permits, except in the areas designated as restricted by sections D through L below.

    4. Handicapped Parking. Parking in areas designated for handicapped parking is restricted to vehicles with an appropriate license plate or special identification card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, or with a registration plate, card or emblem issued by another jurisdiction which designates the vehicle as a vehicle used by a physically disabled person.

    5. Access Aisle for Handicapped Parking. No person may park, stop or leave a vehicle, whether attended or unattended and whether temporarily or otherwise, on any portion of a street or parking facility that is clearly marked as and intended to be an access aisle to provide entry to and exit from vehicles by persons with physical disabilities and which is immediately adjacent to a parking slot reserved for handicapped parking.

    6. Fire Lanes. Parking is prohibited at all times in areas that must be kept clear for the passage of fire apparatus. Signs reading “No Parking, Fire Lane” shall designate these areas.

    7. Loading/Unloading Zones. Parking is prohibited at all times in areas that must be kept clear for vehicles to load and unload. Appropriate signs, markings, or yellow-painted curbs shall designate these areas. Parking for loading and unloading purposes is limited to the times posted.

    8. Crosswalks, Sidewalks. Parking is prohibited at all times in crosswalks or sidewalks.

    9. Staff Parking. Effective January 1, 2008, parking in lots or portions of parking lots designated “Staff Parking Only, Permit Required” is restricted to full and part-time regular staff members, adjunct faculty teaching classes prior to 4:00 p.m., and the FVTC Board of Trustees and the FVTC Foundation Board with cars displaying a parking permit issued by the college. Parking permits for adjunct faculty are annual and will be issued each fall semester. Parking permits may be obtained by completing a parking permit application available at the Appleton Campus in the Security Services Office, Room E162, and at the Oshkosh Campus in the Security Services Office. Parking permits must be displayed on the left rear window of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Staff members parking in areas designated for Staff Parking Only shall not back into parking stalls (backing into parking stalls obscures the vehicle permit).

    10. Visitor Parking Only. Visitors may use designated parking areas for visitors or obtain a permit for designated visitor parking areas at the Appleton Security Services Office, Room E162, or at the information desks at the various campuses.

    11. Parking in Secured, Fenced Areas (Prohibited Areas). Parking in secured, fenced areas is prohibited except for authorized vehicles.

    12. Parking for Motorcycles/Two-Wheeled Vehicles. Parking for motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles is subject to Fox Valley Technical College policies. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and motorbikes may be parked in areas designated for motorcycles. Motorcycles may also be parked in lots provided for other motor vehicles, provided the appropriate parking permit is obtained, if required. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks. Parking bicycles by chaining them to trees, railings, buildings, fences, or other structures on the campus is prohibited.

    13. Overnight Parking. Overnight parking is subject to Fox Valley Technical College policies. Vehicles may be parked on campus between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. if the Security Services Office has been notified. In event that the Security Services Office is closed, the Facilities Services Office should be notified.

  4. Enforcement of Parking Regulations and Fines for Violations

    Enforcement will be done by the Town of Grand Chute Police Department. Any person who violates any of the parking regulations in this policy shall be fined in the amounts provided by subsections 346.56 (1M), (2), and (4) Wis. Stats.

  5. Warnings

    In lieu of a citation, warnings may be issued by Security Services personnel to any person who violates this parking regulations policy.

  6. Appeal

    Anyone wishing to appeal a Town of Grand Chute citation may take the matter to the Town of Grand Chute Municipal Court.

Adopted: 08/18/86
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 10/24/07
Revised: 12/19/07

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