III.N. Workplace Threats or Violence 


POLICY TITLE: Workplace Threats or Violence

Fox Valley Technical College is committed to providing a safe and secure working and learning environment for students, employees, guests, and visitors.  This policy applies to all college owned or leased facilities including offices, classrooms, work sites, vehicles, and field locations and includes any college sponsored activities at any location.

Fox Valley Technical College does not tolerate behavior that:
  • Is violent;
  • Threatens violence;
  • Harasses or intimidates others;
  • Interferes with an individual’s legal rights of movement or expression; or
  • Disrupts the workplace, the academic environment or the college’s ability to provide service to the public.
Violent or threatening behavior can include but is not limited to:  physical acts, oral or written statements, harassing e-mail/text messages, harassing telephone calls, gestures and expressions or behaviors such as stalking.

Individuals who engage in violent or threatening behavior may be removed from the premises, and may be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action, arrest and/or criminal prosecution.

Violence in the workplace includes relationship violence that intrudes into the workplace, endangering a person in the relationship or others in the workplace.  Relationship violence is physically, sexually, and/or psychologically abusive behavior that a household member or dating partner uses to establish and maintain control over another person.

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Adopted: 02/01/89
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 10/21/08
Revised: 11/10/08

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