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IV.G. Employee Recognition 


POLICY TITLE: Employee Recognition

Fox Valley Technical College promotes employee recognition and recognizes faculty and staff for their service.  An employee recognition committee facilitates several college sponsored recognition events.  The following is a list of college supported recognition events or activities:

  • Adjunct Faculty Dinner
  • Great Performance Award
  • Length of Service Award
  • Quarter Century Club Dinner
  • College Retirement/Holiday Reception
  • Spring Retirement/Staff Awards Reception
  • Flowers or memorial upon the death of an employee or immediate family member of an employee (spouse/mother/father/brother/sister/child), which is coordinated by Human Resource Services.
  • Other college approved recognition activities may be included as approved by the Vice President – Administrative Services.
Budgetary resources have been allocated in an employee recognition fund for these college sponsored activities. This fund does not cover expenses that individuals/departments/divisions wish to spend on other recognition activities. The most appropriate method to fund these recognition activities is to establish a "sunshine fund" where staff members contribute to an overall fund for their immediate department/division. Gift items of a personal nature should not be paid for through any college budget.

The following is a sample list of  recognition items or activities for which college budget should not be used:

  • Individual luncheons
  • Department/division celebrations
  • Individual retirement receptions
  • Holiday get-togethers
  • Pizza parties
  • Wedding gifts
  • All other employee gifts
  • Personal greeting cards purchased retail, i.e. birthday, get well, sympathy, etc.

For clarification regarding what types of meals can be paid for using college funds, refer to administrative policy II.B.1, Business and Meeting Meals.

Employees who are not sure if a recognition expense is covered by the Employee Recognition Fund or can be covered through a department  account should contact Human Resource Services or Financial Operations for guidance prior to incurring an expense.

Related Policy:
Administrative Policy II.B.1

Adopted: 09/09/92
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 06/18/08
Revised: 07/23/08

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