IV.H. Employees with Pending Criminal Charges 

or Conviction Record


POLICY TITLE: Employees with Pending Criminal Charges
Conviction Record

Fox Valley Technical College has a long-standing commitment to maintaining the highest standards for both student and employee safety and health. In addition, employing high quality staff is one of the most important goals of the College because of its impact on the quality of our services. Accordingly, the College has adopted this policy referencing employment actions related to employees with pending criminal charges or who are convicted of criminal charges.

In accordance with federal and state law, Fox Valley Technical College does not discriminate against employees on the basis of arrest or conviction record. However, a conviction record that is determined to be substantially related to a particular position held by an employee will require the College to terminate the employment relationship. In addition, if a current employee withholds information or falsified information pertaining to a previous conviction record, appropriate action will be taken.

It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the College of any criminal charges and/or convictions that occur during the course of their employment with Fox Valley Technical College. Failure to notify the College may be cause for dismissal.

Convictions or pending criminal charges will not be an absolute bar to employment. Pending criminal charges and convictions will affect an individual’s employment as follows:
  1. Pending Criminal Charge. FVTC may suspend an employee (with or without pay) if there is a substantial relationship between the circumstances of the pending criminal charge and the circumstances of the particular job.

  2. Conviction. An employee will be terminated because of a conviction only if s/he has been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor or other offense which is substantially related to the circumstances of the particular job.

Adopted: 06/13/07
Reviewed: xx/xx/xx
Revised: xx/xx/xx

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