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I.C.1. College Web Presence 


POLICY TITLE: College Web Presence

Fox Valley Technical College’s primary informational site and conduit on the World Wide Web is designated at the following address: and is hosted (physical server location) by FVTC’s Information Technology Services Department.

Content on the college’s Web site is owned, maintained and updated by the college via the following structure.

The Web Council facilitates and champions the Fox Valley Technical College’s development and use of the Web as an information resource, marketing device and a support and delivery method for education. The council sets policy on the design, organization, use and governance of the college’s Web presence.

The Web Council authorizes and delegates authority to members of both the Marketing Services and Information Technology Services Departments to act as fiduciary authorities for Web site and Web application creation, maintenance and administration. These staff members also maintain a Web style guide and training materials.

All content on the Web is decentralized and disseminated among college departments to maintain and update. Those departments are ultimately responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information on their sub-web sites.

Official college-related information and marketing tools must reside within the domain. Creation of separate domains, addresses and the like elsewhere on the Web will be evaluated by the Web Council.

Adopted: 05/23/06
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: xx/xx/xx
Revised: xx/xx/xx

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