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IV.U. Salary Schedules 


POLICY TITLE: Salary Schedules
  • Management Exempt
  • Management Exempt for Teaching Courses
  • Part-Time Non-Union Support Staff
  • Honorarium Payments

The Fox Valley Technical College District Board shall adopt salary schedules for classifications of employees. These schedules are subject to periodic review and revision, or subject to consideration in contract negotiations with the respective bargaining units.

All salary or status changes in all employees groups must be reported to the Board for approval. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Services Office to maintain current up to date salary schedule information approved by the Board annually.

Management Exempt
Annually the President shall recommend to the Board for approval a salary increase methodology which addresses all positions approved by the Board and not covered by a separate master contract approved by the Board. This salary methodology will address the following:
  • Ranges and mid-points within the respective classifications
  • Ranges for percentage increase in terms of minimum and maximum
  • Uses of non-recurring (non-permanent) payment add-ons or lump sum payments
  • Totals in terms of percentages and dollar amounts
Management Exempt for Teaching Courses
When management/exempt personnel teach courses for FVTC, they will be placed at the appropriate step of the call staff salary schedule. The specific step placement will be based upon an individual's credentials.

Part-Time Non-Union Support Staff
Non-Union support staff may be employed as follows:
  • Regular employees less than 12 hours per week
  • Short-term substitute - less than 30 work days; replaces regular employee
  • Seasonal, full or part-time - 90 work days maximum
  • Limited term - hired to perform special assignment/project
Depending upon the type of position, non-union support staff are placed on the Part-Time Non-Union Salary Schedule and receive no benefits. A non-union employee may be eligible for a pay increase after six months of employment at the discretion of his/her supervisor.

The salary schedule is reviewed on a periodic basis and adjusted accordingly.

Honorarium Payments

An outside speaker, expert or noted authority retained by Fox Valley Technical College on the basis of an honorarium, rather than on the published call staff salary schedule.

Honorarium: Fee paid to a consultant for services rendered. The amount is individually negotiated.

  1. All honorariums must be approved by the administrator of the unit involved, before scheduling the activity.

  2. All honorariums which exceed the call staff pay schedule must be approved by the Director-Financial Services before scheduling the activity.

  3. Honorariums are used to compensate only persons who are not currently on the FVTC payroll file.
Honorarium Authorization Form - 2 parts (white, yellow)


Responsibility Action 
RequesterPrepares Honorarium Authorization Form. If payment is made to an organization, indicates name and federal identification number on top of the form. 
 Forwards to Division/Department Supervisor.
Division/Department Supervisor
Approves or disapproves. If approves, forward to Unit Administrator.
Unit Administrator (and Vice President-Financial Services, if in excess of call staff rate)
Approve or disapprove. If approve, sign and return to requester. 
After services are completed, distributes form:
Part 1 (white) to accounting
Part 2 (yellow) to file
Pays honorarium to consultant 

Completes year-end reports:
W-2 forms for individuals
1099 forms for organizations

Related Policies:
Board Policy III.C

Adopted: 08/17/76
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 10/01/97
Revised: 10/01/97

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