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IV.V. Sick Leave Pool 

IV.V. Sick Leave Pool (This version will be effective July 1, 2014.)


POLICY TITLE: Sick Leave Pool

In accordance with Article XV of the FVTC-ESPA agreement and Article VII of the FVTC-FACULTY agreement, a sick leave pool has been developed through the Ad Hoc Sick Leave Pool Committee. The Sick Leave Pool is effective July 1, 1993, and will be administered in compliance with the following guidelines:
  1. The Sick Leave Pool (SLP) shall be instituted (retroactive to) July 1, 1993. To initially fund the SLP, the District will contribute one (1) day into the pool for each employee who is at 90 sick leave days. (NOTE: This resulted in the maximum of 125 available days for fiscal 1993-94.)

  2. The SLP will be administered on a fiscal year basis (7/1-6/30). After initial funding of the pool, additional days will be added to the pool by those employees who have accumulated at least 90 sick leave days. Funding for the pool will come from the excess days beyond 90 before they are lost.

  3. The maximum number of days in the pool shall be limited to 125 days from all employee groups (i.e., Faculty Association (FA), Educational Support Personnel Association (ESPA) and management/exempt).

  4. When an employee in one of the groups is absent from work due to personal illness or injury and he/she meets the necessary requirements, days from the SLP shall be granted to him/her. The intent of the SLP is to minimize or eliminate the loss of earnings until an employee qualifies for long-term disability (LTD) benefit. The maximum amount of time an individual can use from the sick leave pool over the course of his or her employment with FVTC is 65 days. In the event the LTD waiting period is changed, the SLP waiting period will be reviewed.

  5. Days from the SLP are not available for situations covered by workers’ compensation.

  6. Days from the SLP are not available for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) situations other than personal illness or injury. (Reference administrative policy IV.O, Leaves of Absence-Management/Exempt, subsection Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

  7. An employee granted days from the SLP does not have to reimburse the SLP nor the District for the days utilized.

  8. Before an employee can be granted days from the SLP, he/she must exhaust his/her personal accumulated sick leave and emergency leave. In addition, for those employees who earn paid vacation, before an employee can be granted days from the SLP, he/she must utilize at least half of the paid vacation he/she had earned at the completion of his/her most recent anniversary/fiscal year. To ascertain this, an employee’s leave record will be reviewed on the date that his/her personal accumulated sick leave is exhausted.

  9. To be granted days from the SLP, an employee must have been absent for at least the preceding ten (10) work days. However, if an employee is granted days from the SLP, returns to work, and then, in the same fiscal year, is in need of additional days from the SLP, the above “buffer” shall be changed to five (5) work days.

  10. The Director of Compensation and Benefits shall take initial administrative responsibility for the SLP. Quarterly reports shall be distributed to the SLP Committee members, the FA President, the ESPA President, and the Vice President – Administrative Services.

  11. The SLP Committee shall be composed of three FA representatives selected by the FA President, three ESPA representatives selected by the ESPA President and three management/exempt representatives selected by the Vice President – Administrative Services.

    The SLP Committee shall meet when necessary to resolve situations that arise and are not precisely covered by the administrative policy.

    The SLP Committee may submit recommendations for changes in the administrative policy to the parties. Any changes shall be effective when adopted by all respective groups. (NOTE: Contract language and administrative policy may also be modified via the negotiations process.)

  12. The need for SLP days must be verified by a letter from a physician.

  13. In the event that the SLP balance becomes depleted to the point where 25 days or less remain, Human Resource Services will notify the SLP Committee within a reasonable time period. In the event the pool is depleted before the end of the fiscal year, all staff will be notified.
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Adopted: 03/10/94
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 04/03/12
Revised: 04/26/12

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