V.B. Academic Progress Standards 


POLICY TITLE: Academic Progress Standards

It is expected that students will make satisfactory progress each semester they are enrolled. Satisfactory progress at Fox Valley Technical College means achieving a minimum semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (“C”). The following academic progress policy applies to all program-declared degree and diploma students carrying 6 or more academic credits.

Academic Probation
A program student will be placed on academic probation if his/her semester grade point average falls below 2.0 (“C”). While on probation, a student will be allowed to enroll for no more than 12 credits per semester. When the semester GPA of 2.0 or better is attained, the student will be reinstated to non-probationary status. The maximum number of consecutive semesters a student can be on probation without being suspended is two, exclusive of the summer term.

If a student changes programs, courses applied to the “new” program will count in the “new” cumulative grade point average calculations. Students on probation prior to changing programs will remain on probation.

Academic Suspension
A student will be suspended from a program after two consecutive semesters of academic probation with semester GPAs of less than 2.0. The length of a program suspension is one semester, exclusive of the summer term. Students are allowed to enroll in non-credit courses or Program Preparation coursework to work on basic academic skills during the semester of academic suspension. Upon re-admission to the program, students will remain on academic probation and meet the satisfactory progress standards stated above.

Program Dismissal
A student re-admitted to a program after academic suspension may be dismissed from that program if a semester grade point average of 2.0 is not achieved during any subsequent semester of enrollment. The division dean is required to review any recommendation for a student’s dismissal from a program, providing final authorization for such action.

Adopted: 12/15/97
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 08/29/11

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