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V.D. Advisory Committees 


POLICY TITLE: Advisory Committees

Fox Valley Technical College is required, per the WTCS Educational Services Manual, to establish and maintain active occupational program advisory committees for all approved programs and has elected to extend this requirement to the regions of the district, establishing regional advisory committees to guide the regional campus/center operations. Such committees provide external input to internal processes. Occupational program advisory committees help to ensure that programs are technologically current and responsive to the needs of the workforce.

Advisory committees provide guidance, advice, and recommendations to the college in areas such as program development, curriculum content and structure, program and service evaluation, instructional delivery, student recruitment and retention, and marketing. Advisory committees do not make ultimate programmatic or service decisions, establish college or departmental policy, or supersede the legal responsibility vested in the college’s Board of Trustees. Advisory committee recommendations are reviewed by the administration and/or Board of Trustees for consideration, feasibility, and decision-making.

The following shall serve as administrative policy direction for all required advisory committees:
  • A current list of members for each advisory committee must be maintained, including the member’s name, designation as employer or employee, place of employment, mailing address and email address, if available. Various invitations to events and informative mailings are sent to advisory committee members, requiring access to this up-to-date list. The college’s educational representatives who serve as the primary liaison to each committee are responsible for maintenance of their respective membership lists.

  • Each committee shall consist of an equal number of employers and employees and be as representative of the related industry or region as possible.

  • Advisory committees are required to meet a minimum of twice each year.

  • Members should be appointed to a three-year term; the committee should stagger its terms of appointment. This serves to ensure continuity and to provide for new members who can bring fresh perspectives to the committee. A consecutive three-year term appointment can be made.

  • Advisory committees can oversee either a single or multiple program structure with a related occupational focus with similar program outcomes or technical content. Multiple program advisory committees must be approved by the Wisconsin Technical College System.

  • Per Wisconsin Statute, all meeting agendas must be made public informing the press of the date, time, and place of the meeting at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. This information is to be provided to the President's Office. Advisory committees operate under the open meetings law (Wis. Stats. 66.77).

  • The agendas and minutes of each advisory committee meeting must be submitted to the Office of the Chief Academic Officer to be maintained within a district file and made available for review upon request.
Further direction on the specifics of the operation of advisory committees can be found on the FVTC website on the Advisory Committee web page. Instructional representatives to advisory committees are strongly encouraged to make this information available to all new and continuing advisory committee members.

Adopted: 01/20/98
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 09/23/11

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