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I.E. Media Relations 


POLICY TITLE: Media Relations

The administration encourages open relations with the news media in the community and state. It is in the interest of both the district and the citizens/taxpayers that there is free and open communications at all times with news media.

The public information specialist will coordinate communications (i.e., district news releases) with the news media.

Emergency News
It is the policy of FVTC to cooperate with news media when there is an emergency (or crisis situation) on district property. This includes fires, severe environmental damage, explosions, death, bodily injury requiring outside medical assistance or hospitalization, flooding, tornado damage, etc.

Events of this nature are considered matters of public interest, and it is the obligation of FVTC to provide a rapid, accurate explanation of what has happened.

The president or his/her designee shall be the spokesperson for the district in the event of an emergency. The public information specialist shall assume this duty as assigned.

In the event there are injuries or fatalities, the spokesperson will NOT release the names of those involved until the next of kin have been notified and will NOT speculate on the causes of an emergency. If appropriate, the spokesperson will inform the news media that an investigation will be conducted, with information provided upon completion.

Adopted: 09/10/91
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 11/01/97
Revised: 11/01/97

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