V.I. Community Use or Lease of District Facilities 


POLICY TITLE: Community Use or Lease of District Facilities

It is the policy of Fox Valley Technical College in accordance with Section 38.14, Wis. Stats., to make available its land, buildings or facilities to community groups, public agencies, other educational institutions, or the private sector at such times as they are not needed for college purposes under the following terms and conditions:
  • All proposed uses must be of such a nature and at such times as to not interfere with or disrupt planned and scheduled district use of its land, buildings, or facilities; and

  • All proposed uses must be consistent, at the discretion of the college president, with the mission and purposes of the district as set forth in Section 38.001, Wisc. Stats.; and

  • Organizations contracting with Fox Valley Technical College will be required to certify (via the signed contract) that they do not discriminate against employees, enrollees, applicants, or members on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, handicap, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.
No land, building, or facility of FVTC will be made available for use, rental, or lease if, at the sole discretion of the college administration, it would result in detracting from or competing with the mission and purposes of the district.

Facility Use as a Contracted Service
All short-term use or longer-term lease agreements between FVTC and external organizations are developed as technical assistance contracts for facilities. Short-term use facility contracts are subject to the district board-approved facility usage rates. Any contract rate exceptions must have the prior authorization of the academic vice president. If the district administration determines that additional staff may be needed to provide security, custodial, or other support service functions, these costs using standard contract pricing will be added to the contract for services. Longer-term lease agreements/contracts must be reviewed and authorized by the academic vice president prior to commitment.

Facility Use at No Cost
FVTC may, subject to the terms and conditions outlined above, make available its facilities, at no cost, during normal operating hours, and as available, to the following:
  • Public, tax supported units of state or local government.

  • Public, tax supported educational institutions located within the district.

  • Organizations that qualify as non-profit for tax purposes per the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Organizations whose proposed use of the facility, at the discretion of the college president, is consistent with the mission and purposes of the district providing that the proposed use of the facility is available to the general public without charge or admission fee and that the sponsoring organization is not selling, promoting, or giving away products or services on the premises.
All users of FVTC land, buildings or facilities, under any terms, are subject to the district’s rules of conduct for employees and students. Additionally, the following conduct is strictly prohibited:
  • Controlled substances or persons under their influence on the premises.

  • Smoking inside district-owned or leased buildings or in any area designated smoke free.

  • Food and beverages outside of areas authorized for such use.

  • Alcoholic beverages, including beer, on the premises.

  • Gambling on the premises.

  • Use of motorized recreational vehicles or equipment on the premises for purposes other than educational delivery.

Adopted: 03/19/86
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/06/06
Revised: 03/06/06

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