V.K. Copyright Compliance-Instructional Materials 


POLICY TITLE: Copyright Compliance – Instructional Materials

The copyright law as it pertains to educational institutions requires constant research and update. The copyright law PL-94-553 does not directly address the issues of fair use for educational purposes. The direct result has been court cases and “guidelines” intended to provide clarification to users as to what is and is not permissible within the copyright laws. The need for staff to access and use instructional materials is, therefore, ever changing as new rulings and agreements with vendors are forthcoming.

The following points of policy are intended to clarify the district commitment to following the law and accepted guidelines in acquisition, copying and distribution of print, computer, and audiovisual materials.
  • Fox Valley Technical College and its employees shall, under all circumstances, comply with the law of the United States as it relates to the use of copyrighted materials.

  • Under no circumstances shall any employee abridge the laws in duplication, transcription, or copying from copyrighted work.

  • It is assumed that all materials are copyrighted and shall be treated as such until proven otherwise.

  • Under no circumstances shall any employee use district materials, equipment, or facilities to infringe the copyright law.
More specific copyright guidelines are available on-line under the Instructional Development and Delivery link on the college’s web site.

Adopted: 08/11/86
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 05/08/06
Revised: 05/08/06

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