V.P. Credit Transfer Agreements with 

Four-Year Institutions


POLICY TITLE: Credit Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions

In an effort to support students’ smooth passage between educational systems and promote learning as lifelong, it is the policy of Fox Valley Technical College to actively pursue and develop credit transfer agreements with four-year institutions. Providing opportunities for associate degree graduates to pursue baccalaureate-level programs, applying credits earned at FVTC, provides a service to both the individual and the communities served by the college.

Receiving institutions determine acceptable credit transfers, either on a course-to-course basis or program-to-program transfer. FVTC associate degree credits are widely accepted by private four-year colleges, and in specific programs at some University of Wisconsin campuses.

Transfer of Credit to University of Wisconsin System Colleges
Students enrolled at FVTC who wish to continue their education in the University of Wisconsin System may be eligible to transfer credits toward their bachelor’s degree in the following ways:
  • Students transferring to UW campuses may be granted a maximum of 30 credits of applied associate degree general education courses in communication, behavioral science, social science, natural science and mathematics.

  • Students who have successfully completed an associate degree may be eligible to transfer certain technical support and/or occupational credits when there is a direct relationship between the associate degree program and a program offered at a UW System institution.

  • Students transferring from FVTC may be eligible for credit by earning appropriate scores on national standardized examinations (e.g., College Level Examination Program) or examinations developed by the UW System transfer institution.

  • Students can take advantage of articulation agreements between FVTC and specific UW institutions for some programs.
The Student Services Division maintains up-to-date FVTC information in the Transfer Information System (TIS), a computerized course transfer database of specific course transferability between the UW System and the WTCS colleges.

All credit transfer/articulation agreements with four-year institutions must be developed in conjunction with the office of the academic vice president. The director of Articulated Programs assists in the development and support of credit transfer agreements. Master copies of these formal agreements and an up-to-date listing of the college’s transfer/articulation agreements are also maintained by the director of Articulated Programs.

Adopted: 02/16/94
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 02/17/06

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