V.R. Curriculum Sharing and Sales 


POLICY TITLE: Curriculum Sharing and Sales

For the purposes of this policy, curriculum refers to full documentation of courses developed at Fox Valley Technical College for student and/or instructor use.

All external requests for curriculum or student manuals should be directed to the curriculum department; the staff of this department will then consult with the related division dean regarding the decision to share and/or sell the requested curriculum.

Guidelines for Curriculum Sharing and Sales
The following general guidelines will apply to all curriculum sales:
  • Any curriculum developed with state funding will be made available to other Wisconsin Technical College System institutions. Curriculum developed with federal funding will be made available according to the federal grant requirements.

  • Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) Course Outcome Summaries will be shared with other institutions upon request and with dean approval.

  • Curriculum or student manuals that contain material that is copyrighted will not be sold to another party.

  • Curriculum that has not been updated with documented revisions within the last five years will not be sold to another party.

  • Special agreements between institutions for the reciprocal sharing of curriculum can be arranged by the division dean and authorized by the academic vice president.

  • Curriculum will not be sold to college or business entities, which may be deemed competitive to the district’s programming (unless required by the above guidelines).

  • General guidelines for curriculum sales will be administered through the curriculum department and, in each instance, pricing will be developed in consultation with the respective division dean and academic vice president.

Adopted: 04/29/98
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: 08/02/06
Revised: 10/18/06

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