V.T. Donations to Fox Valley Technical College 


POLICY TITLE: Donations To Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College welcomes the donation of money, land, equipment, materials, and other property, which assist the college in fulfilling its mission and purposes. This includes equipment that is consigned for FVTC’s use for a period of time, with ownership retained by the donor .

The Fox Valley Technical College Foundation, Inc. serves as the receiving arm of the institution for all donations and consignments. Prior to a gift of equipment, materials, or other property being accepted by the foundation, the gift proposal is to be reviewed by the respective division dean to determine its relevancy to programming and curriculum.

Any request for securing financial support from outside sources, or offers of donation or consignment from outside sources must be referred to the FVTC Foundation, Inc.

Adopted: 05/17/88
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/09/06
Revised: 03/09/06

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