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V.U. Grading System 


POLICY TITLE: Grading System

Fox Valley Technical College offers several levels of instruction that are not interchangeable and have related grading structures as follows:

Associate Degree (aid code 10), Technical Diploma (aid code 30s), and Apprenticeship (aid code 50) Courses

The following grading structure is used for all coursework in this category with the exception of Program Preparatory Coursework. Program Preparatory Coursework courses will be assessed using the grading scale, but the earned grades are not factored into a student's GPA calculation. The grades will be used to establish satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes.

Grade Point
4.0 Distinguished 
3.0 Above average 
 B- 2.7  
 C2.0 Average 
 D1.0 Below average 
 F0.0 Failure 
 W0.0 Student initiated withdrawal before 60% of class hours are completed. (Administratively Assigned by Enrollment Services)
 TC0.0 Transfer credit 
 AS0.0 Advanced standing credit 
 AU0.0 Audit-automatically recorded for a student who has registered to audit a class. Students need to make this designation at the time of registration. 
 EX 0.0 Issued when an instructor awards up to 90 days for a student to complete course requirements; an EX grade will automatically be turned into an LF grade if the grade is not changed by the instructor by the end of the extension period. 
 S/U 4.0/0.0 A satisfactory/unsatisfactory competency-based grading structure may be used on an exception basis in these aid codes with prior approval by the academic vice president. These grades will be used in the GPA calculations as noted. 
Student initiated withdrawal after 60% of the class hours were completed. (Administratively Assigned by Enrollment Services)
Instructor assigned grade during first 60% of course (or due to extenuating circumstances as determined by the instructor, during the last 40% of the course).
Withdrew by Enrollment Services due to extenuating circumstances. Student may receive a partial to full refund depending on when the request was made.
Issued by instructor if the student does not show up for class.
Lapsed F assigned when an EX in not graded within 90 days after the term ends. (Administratively Assigned by Enrollment Services)
Issued by instructor with Dean or Associate Dean approval. Grade along with supporting documentation is entered by the Registrar.

Vocational Adult (aid code 47), General Adult (aid code 42), and Avocational (aid code 60) Courses
Instructors have the option of using either an “S” (satisfactory) or “U” (unsatisfactory) grading method or the letter grade structure noted above. The “S”/”U” method should be the general practice for this non-credit coursework; however, an increasing number of employers are requesting that a letter grade be recorded for their employees for purposes of assessing skill levels attained in contract training or making tuition reimbursement decisions. An EX (extension) grade is also available for non-credit programming per the same description noted for credit courses. In no case do grades from non-credit coursework (aid codes 47, 42, 60) factor into a student’s GPA calculation.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Courses
The following grading structure is used in the ABE Program. ABE grades are not factored into a student’s GPA calculation.

 Grade  Grade Point     Description    
 A0.0 Distinguished 
 B0.0 Above average 
 C0.0 Average 
 D0.0 Below average 
 F0.0 Failure 
 S0.0 Satisfactory 
 U0.0 Unsatisfactory 
 W0.0 Withdrawn 
 IP0.0 In progress 

Academic Progress
Fox Valley Technical College believes that formative feedback is essential to the learning process. In order to provide students with feedback and guidance that will assist them in gaining the competencies necessary for the workplace, timely feedback on academic progress is important. In some learning situations, even more frequent feedback may be necessary than the intervals listed below.

Formative feedback can be accomplished through formal grading as well as through various other formal and informal means such as posting students’ current cumulative course grade(s) via BlackBoard, MyFVTC, verbal guidance or feedback, or any other means as deemed appropriate by the instructor, at the following intervals:
  1. At or before completion of 1/3 of the course or fourth week of semester (whichever comes first)
  2. At or before the completion of 2/3 of the course or eighth week of semester (whichever comes first)
Final Course Grades
Students enrolled in credit courses have access to their final course grades through the web site ( and MyFVTC). Grades are accessible one day after they are submitted by the Instructor. Final grades are recorded on permanent transcripts at the end of each course. Final course grades must be completed by the instructor and entered into the computer system by the deadlines noted in the following chart:

 Classes Deadline for Grades to be Entered 
Semester length classes
5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Grading Day at the end of the semester 
Non-semester length classes
5:00 p.m. of the 5th college working day after the last class has been completed 
Non-semester length classes that conclude at the end of the semester
5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Grading Day at the end of the semester 

Adopted: 04/11/88
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 01/13/12
Revised: 02/24/12
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