V.W. Guarantees for Educational Programming 


POLICY TITLE: Guarantees for Educational Programming

Graduate Retraining Policy
Fox Valley Technical College affirms that the education and training offered by the college are designed to enable eligible graduates to acquire occupational skills training necessary for full participation in the workforce. The FVTC Board of Trustees, in compliance with s.38.24(4), Wis. Stats., and with the support of the FVTC Foundation, Inc., offers graduate retraining which guarantees up to six free credits of additional instruction, plus other student services, to eligible FVTC graduates. In addition, employers who hire FVTC graduates may recommend those employees for graduate retraining if they lack the necessary entry-level job skills and abilities.

Any FVTC graduate is eligible for graduate retraining if s/he:
  • Graduated from an associate degree or technical diploma program of at least one year in length.

  • Applied for graduate retraining within one year of graduation.

  • Actively pursued employment in that occupational field.

  • Has not secured employment in the occupational field in which s/he received the degree or diploma.

  • Has not refused employment in that occupational or related field.

  • Actively sought assistance from FVTC’s Student Employment Services.
Any FVTC graduate is eligible for graduate retraining, when recommended by an employer, if s/he:
  • Graduated from an associate degree or technical diploma program of at least one year in length.

  • Lacks entry-level job skills and abilities as defined by program outcome statements (the graduate’s employer must specify in writing, to the FVTC Board of Trustees, the specific areas in which the graduate’s skills and abilities are deficient).

  • Requested retraining within 90 days of initial employment and one year of graduation.
Graduates qualifying for graduate retraining will have credit and noncredit courses and support services made available to them. Any additional instruction will consist of regularly scheduled FVTC courses. The fees for related courses will be exempt or paid by the FVTC Foundation, Inc., with textbooks and supply costs paid by the graduate.

The procedures for graduate student retraining are available in Student Employment Services.

Guarantee for Contract Services
Fox Valley Technical College offers an assurance of quality in contract services provided, and offers contract clients a simple guarantee: if the training or technical assistance services do not meet the requirements agreed upon in a contract, the client is entitled to have the service redone at no additional charge.

College contract service consultants should bring any occurrence of client dissatisfaction with a contract deliverable and related use of this guarantee to the attention of the academic vice president. The academic vice president or designee will then work with the respective instructional division and the director of Business Industry Services to resolve the matter to the client’s satisfaction.

Adopted: 03/20/90
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/06/06
Revised: 03/06/06

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