V.Z. Inter-District Protocol for Contract Services 


POLICY TITLE: Inter-District Protocol for Contract Services

It is the Fox Valley Technical College policy to abide by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) working agreement and protocol process to promote good communication and cooperation relative to contracting that may occur across the “boundaries” of the respective districts. [An example of a contract of this nature would be if FVTC was contacted by an employer in Green Bay to deliver training on-site at their plant location.]

Each college is expected to inform any prospective out-of-district client (within the state), who is requesting contracted services, that they are located within another technical college district where they may be able to attain the services locally. This communication is the responsibility of any FVTC staff member serving as a contract service consultant working with the prospective client.

Each college is also expected to notify the district in which a company/employer is located of any contract service request coming from outside of the college’s own district. To ensure that the appropriate inter-district communications occur relative to this protocol process, any staff member who is responding to an out-of-district client to potentially provide contracted services is required to notify the Director of Business and Industry Services of such a request. The director then coordinates the initial communication with the corresponding district before a contract is actually developed; thus the importance of immediate notification of the director of these requests for service.

Once a contract is actually written, the Business and Industry Services Office issues a communication to the protocol contact informing the other district of the contract. Per WTCS Administrative Code TCS 8.03, districts must inform the district where the service recipient is located of the existence of a contract within 30 days of the execution of the contract; however, communication with the other district should occur immediately after the customer’s request.

Adopted: 07/18/91
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/06/06
Revised: 05/29/09

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