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V.AA. International Studies 


POLICY TITLE: International Studies

Fox Valley Technical College recognizes that the college and the district it serves exist in an interrelated world community. It is important, therefore, that the social, political, cultural, and economic dimensions of this global environment are reflected in the programs and services provided by the college. To that end, the scope of FVTC’s international studies initiatives encompasses the following:

  • A marketing plan which features the college as an educational institution that attracts students globally.

  • A curriculum with international components to increase student awareness of other cultures in preparation for a global society and international workplace. On-going program review should ensure that the needs of employers and students are met for training relevant to the international economy including an assessment of whether or not a) program curricula should include international subject matter; b) faculty possess the requisite expertise to teach international subjects and skills determined to be necessary; and c) the program advisory committees, where appropriate, include persons with international knowledge or experience.

  • Educational exchange programs for students and staff enabling FVTC to serve as a site for international staff and students wanting to study in the United States.

  • Contracted training for business, industry, and educational representatives from other countries locally or abroad.

The FVTC Board of Trustees, recognizing the need for students and staff to develop a greater awareness and understanding of international relationships, authorizes the administration to develop and implement an international program which includes:

  • International students enrolling in FVTC programs and courses where excess capacity exists and/or where additional capacity can be created.

  • Support services to coordinate international exchange opportunities.

  • Student and staff international exchanges.

  • Contracting with foreign governments, organizations, corporations, and educational institutions to provide instruction or technical assistance locally or abroad (see policy V.K, Contracts to Provide Educational Services, regarding foreign contract authorization).

  • Contracting with district business and industry to provide technical assistance or customized training that support local and state economic development efforts to promote international business opportunities or foreign investment in the district.

Unless there is a contract under s.38.14 of the Wisconsin Statutes, providing for completely dedicated courses at full cost recovery (as defined in Section 7 of the Financial Accounting Manual), foreign students may be enrolled only on a space available basis. State residents shall be given priority in enrollment over foreign students in regular courses.

Each instance of foreign travel, excluding that undertaken as agreed to and funded under a s.38.14 Wis. Stats. contract, by an FVTC staff member must be approved in advance by the college President and District Board prior to the travel date (for all purposes including, but not limited to, international exchange trips and conference attendance).

Related Policies:
WTCS Board Policy #320
Administrative Policy V.J

Adopted: 10/15/91
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 02/17/06

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