IV.W.A.1.A. Vacation-Management/Exempt Employees 


POLICY TITLE: Vacation - Management/Exempt Employees

Management/exempt staff earn vacation in the fiscal year during which it is used.  Vacation must be used during the fiscal year during which it is earned.  Vacation days not used within the fiscal year in which they are earned may be carried over for a maximum of two (2) months without any request for an extension.  All unused vacation from the previous fiscal year will be dropped as of August 31 of the current fiscal year.

Full time employees working for 12 months (52 weeks) each fiscal year in a management exempt position prior to 1/1/87 earn five weeks (25 days) of vacation during their contract year. Full-time employees who were hired after 1/1/87 into a management exempt position and who work 12 months (52 weeks) each fiscal year will earn vacation according to the following schedule.

Length of Service
Amount of Vacation 
 0-2 years
10 days
 3-5 years
 15 days
 6-9 years
 20 days
 10+ years
 25 days

Exceptions to the above earning formula may be made with the approval of the Vice President – Administrative Services.

Full-time employees working less than 12 months (52 weeks) each fiscal year earn vacation on a prorated basis.

Full-time employees beginning employment or employees terminating employment during a fiscal year shall be eligible for prorated vacation time for that fiscal year of service. Vacation time earned but not taken on the date of termination shall be paid in the employee’s last paycheck. Vacation time taken but not earned on the date of termination shall be deducted from the employee’s last paycheck.  All vacation eligibility shall be calculated from July 1 of each year.

Vacation Bank

Management employees who have twenty (20) or more days of vacation per fiscal year may bank up to two weeks (10 days) of vacation each fiscal year, contingent upon the following:

  • The employee must take at least fifteen (15 days) of vacation each year during the fiscal year it is earned.
  • Employees must notify the Human Resource Services Office between April 1 and May 1 as to their intent to bank vacation for the following fiscal year or intent to withdraw vacation by completing a Request for Vacation Bank Option form.

  • Not more than six weeks (30 days) may be accumulated in the vacation bank.

Vacation time withdrawn from the vacation bank may be used as time off, taken as a cash payment, or the cash may be directed to a district approved 457 or 403(b) plan in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Vacation bank cash withdrawals or 457/403(b) deposits will be made on May 31 and/or November 30, per the employee’s request.  A maximum of 30 days will be paid per fiscal year. Vacation bank time paid out is not considered reportable income for Wisconsin Retirement System purposes per WRS regulations.

Employees terminating employment during a fiscal year shall be eligible to receive prorated vacation bank time that was earned and banked for that fiscal year of service, in addition to previous time banked, if any.

Unique situations may arise having extraordinary circumstances for a certain employee, and that employee may need to receive withdrawals from his/her vacation bank that are not in accordance with the above policy/procedure. When such a situation arises, the individual should contact the Director – Compensation and Benefits.

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