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Entrepreneurial Studies 

Do you want to launch a new business? Start a new Entrepreneurial Venture? Perhaps Work for an Established Business?

Entrepreneurial Studies will give the knowledge you need to succeed and help you:

  • Identify business opportunities.
  • Learn how to build, promote, and manage your own business.
  • Learn how to apply your creativity and energy to make an existing business more productive.

What’s New in Entrepreneurship at Fox Valley Technical College?

Course Description:
The Entrepreneurial Mindset/course is a revolutionary new online learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. The overall objective is to empower learners through entrepreneurial thinking and immerse them in entrepreneurial experiences that will enable them to develop entrepreneurial skills.

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Entrepreneurship is the option for you, no matter what type of career you're preparing for. Why not gain the skills you need now?

If you're pursuing any degree - in accounting, interior design, wood manufacturing or anything in between - add one of FVTC's specialized entrepreneurship certificates to your training to gain these valuable skills.

Student Success Stores

They Have Started Their Own Business

  • Ross Treichel – Lakeside Grill – Minocqua, WI (Marketing Assoc. Degree/Start Up Venture Certificate)
  • Carissa Knaus - Bridal Essence (Marketing Associate Degree/Start Up Venture Certificate)
  • Crystal Lobner - Earthly Enterprises (flower shop) (Marketing Assoc. Degree/Individual Entrepreneurship Classes)
  • Pat Cumber - The Food Tailor (Mobile Food Truck 7 Catering) (Marketing Assoc. Degree/Culinary Classes/Start Up Venture Certificate)
  • Robert Wheaton – Urban Farming (Horticulture/Individual Entrepreneurship Classes)
  • Audra Ryan - Website Development for Small Businesses (IT/Start Up Venture Certificate
  • Katie Gardner/Finn – Charizma Photography (Marketing Assoc. Degree/Individual Entrepreneurship Courses)
  • Paul Tribby – AP Online Development – Website and Social Media for Small Businesses (Marketing Assoc. Degree/Start Up Venture Certificate)
  • Mindy Tasch - Mindy Tasch Photography (Business Management Assoc. Degree/Start Up Venture Certificate)
  • Marianna Hernandez - Mr. Burrito – Appleton, WI (ELL Bridge to Entrepreneurship course)
  • Pattie Bell - Double Take Gardens (Horticulture Certificate/Start Up Entrepreneurship Certificate)
  • Greg Martin - Flexmen Moving Company LLC (Start Up Entrepreneurship Certificate)

Going into/Taking over Family Business

  • Ashley Sweedy – KAS Management and Organizational Services - New London (Business Management/Start Up Venture Certificate)

Strengthening Existing Business:

For more information, please contact:

Doug Schacht
Marketing/Entrepreneurship Instructor
(920) 735-2523

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