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Dental Hygiene 

This is a High Demand Program. View the Admission Requirements. >>

Job Description

A career as a dental hygienist offers a wide range of challenges. In the dental office, the dentist and the dental hygienist work together to meet the oral health needs of patients. Since each state has its own specific regulations regarding their responsibilities, the range of services performed by hygienists varies from state to state. Some of the services provided by dental hygienists may include:
  • patient screening procedures; such as assessment of oral health conditions, review of the health history, oral cancer screening, head and neck inspection, dental charting and taking blood pressure and pulse
  • taking and developing dental radiographs (x-rays)
  • removing calculus and plaque (hard and soft deposits) from all surfaces of the teeth
  • applying preventive materials to the teeth (e.g., sealants and fluorides)
  • teaching patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health (e.g., toothbrushing, flossing and nutritional counseling)
  • counseling patients about good nutrition and its impact on oral health
  • making impressions of patients' teeth for study casts (models of teeth used by dentists to evaluate patient treatment needs)
  • performing documentation and office management activities
Dental Hygienists play an important role in society by providing oral health services that contribute to the health and well-being of individuals and their communities.  The dental profession requires its members to behave ethically in the practice of dentistry or Dental Hygiene at all times.  This obligation begins at the time of application to a dental hygiene education program and continues through the education process, the licensure process, and the entirety of professional practice.


Dental Hygiene is a high-demand program.  Students are encouraged  to complete General Education courses in order to be prepared for the rigorous Dental Hygiene core (occupational specific) courses.  Please view Wait Times for Core Courses

A priority enrollment appointment has been created for DH students enrolling in the first semester core course.  A priority enrollment appointment will allow students that meet the below criteria to enroll into the first core class on a specific one-day-only day. This date will be prior to the start of the enrollment appointments for all remaining program students:

• Admitted to the Dental Hygiene program plan
• Successfully met required Accuplacer Test scores
• Completed with a grade of C or better the prerequisite courses for Oral Anatomy, Histology and   Embryology:
    10-806-177 General Anatomy and Physiology
    10-806-186 Intro to Biochemistry
    10-806-197 Microbiology

In addition the pre-requisite classes listed above there is a co-requisite course:

10-508-149 Success Strategies for Dental Hygienists
  • A grade of C or above is required
  • It is recommended that you take Success Strategies prior to Oral Anatomy
  • Success Strategies is offered in fall and spring terms
  • If Success Strategies has not been successfully completed prior to Oral Anatomy, it must be taken at the same time as Oral Anatomy
Enrollment dates will based on total number of credits, until all of the above prerequisites have been met. 

Once all required courses listed above are completed the student is eligible for a Priority Enrollment Appointment:
  • A priority enrollment appointment will allow students that meet the above criteria to enroll into the first core class on a specific day.  This date will be prior to the start of the enrollment appointments for all remaining program students.
  • The calculation of Priority Enrollment appointments will be based on:                                            
    • Admit term (the term when you were admitted to Dental Hygiene).  The earlier the admit term the earlier the Enrollment Appointment
    • All credits earned (including historical credits and transfer credits) as well as in-progress credits
If a student who is assigned a priority enrollment appointment does not use it to enroll in core classes if they are open, the student will be dropped from the Dental Hygiene Program.  Priority Enrollment Policy


Graduate employment information is based upon data collected from surveys conducted by the FVTC Research and Development Department at six months and five years after graduation. Graduates who respond to the survey provide job-related information regarding their current salary, hours and job title.
This data reflects an individual graduate’s unique employment experience and does not represent a guarantee of entry-level or future earnings in an occupational area. Employment success may be dependent upon a variety of factors including willingness to relocate, patience for an infrequent opening, experience in related jobs, etc. Dental Hygiene Placement Report

Program Plan

The Dental Hygiene Program Plan is a students "road map" of required course work broken into semesters.  Students may access the program plan to help them plan for future semesters by being aware of pre-requisites and co-requisites.  The Dental Hygiene Program must be completed in sequence as information and skills build on each other throughout the program.  To view the Program Plans >> Click Here   
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