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What to Bring to the Fair 

You may be wondering what you should bring with you to the Career Fair. 

Here is a list of suggestions:

1.  Yourself:   

You definitely want to bring yourself to the Career Fair.   It's your chance to meet employers personally.  For more information on how to dress for the event, click here.

 2.  Resume and References:

This is your "advertising material."  Bring enough copies so you are certain you won't run out. Have a neat "package" to hand to every employer who may be interested in hiring you.

3.  Work History: 

Occasionally, employers will ask you to fill out a standard job application as well as taking your resume.  Be prepared to provide all the necessary information on your work history (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, and supervisors from previous employers).

4.  Pens:

Yes, it seems obvious, but don't overlook this.  How will you be able to make notes or fill out a job application without a writing utensil?   Black ink is preferred, but blue is acceptable.  Pencils are never used for business correspondence.

5. Professional Folder (folio) w/ Paper:

Bring the folder you plan on taking on your interviews.   It will usually be a black, brown, or burgundy vinyl with a pocket and a paper pad on the inside.  Be ready to take notes and collect information from the employers.   The folder is also a good place to stash the extra copies of your resume.


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