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YOU Made It Happen! 

In April 2012, taxpayers in the communities served by Fox Valley Technical College did a remarkable thing. YOU solidly endorsed the work and impact of FVTC by passing a $66.5 million referendum with an extremely strong 2-to-1 vote.

As a result, heartbeats abound in our new Health Simulation and Technology Center; the expanded Service Motor Company Agriculture Center will become the first in our state to offer studies in precision agriculture and power agriculture; and the enlarged J. J. Keller Transportation Center is preparing more individuals to ensure that transporting people and product is done safely and on time. The Student Success Center is under construction and will provide space for innovative, collaborative, and team-based learning; and there is so much happening at the development site of the Public Safety Training Center, you really need to see it for yourself. Planning for the addition in Chilton is underway; and we continue to research land offerings in the Oshkosh area to meet the growing demand of students and employers there.
 You Made It Happen
YOU made the difference! Now more people are turning to Fox Valley Technical College for education, training, and opportunities: students graduating from high school, veterans who are coming home, men and women of all ages wanting to earn their high school credential, people changing careers, individuals needing new job skills, businesses and manufacturers requiring leading-edge training for their employees. Because of YOU, FVTC is serving more people and meeting more needs.
 Health Simulation and Technology Center 

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