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FAQ's for Grading 


When Am I required to enter hours?

• The only time you have to enter hours is when you give a student a "WI" grade and the laste date of attendance is the first date of the class.

Why do I have to enter the date?

The last date of attendance serves two important purposes for the college:

It satisfies the Federal requirement to confirm attendance of the student for financial aid and veterans benefits.

The last date of attendance is used in a calculation provided by the Department of Education to determine the amount of aid earned by the student. Based on that calculation, the amount of aid earned is compared to the amount received. The difference will be the amount the student has not earned and will potentially owe back to the college.

When do I use an EX (Extension) grade?

 • An EX is used when an instructor wants to allow additional time for a student to complete course requirements. After 90 days the grade will change to LF (Lapsed Failure); however, an instructor can change the grade at any time.  Per department policy an "EX" grade may not be used for "Program Prep" classes.  This is because we monitor the next term to pull them out of classes if they fail because they do not meet the prerequisites. 

Should I use an NS (No Show) or WI (Withdrawal by Instructor)?

If the student never attended, give student a NS grade and change the "End Date" to the start date of the class and leave the "Hours" blank to indicate they never attended.

If a student stops attending class you are required to give them a WI grade during the first 60% of the class and an F during the last 40% of the class. Because of financial aid requirements, it is important that the last date of attendance is recorded in the "End Date" field as well as the "Hours".  If the last date of attendance is the first day of class then you are required to enter the "Hours." 

• Keep in mind that a withdrawal is different from a student dropping the class. If the student drops the class, they may be entitled to a refund. Drops must be initiated from the student. A student can drop a class through Enrollment Services or online using MyFVTC.

How do I change a student’s grade?

• Instructions for changing a grade can be found in the Faculty Guide or Adjunct Faculty Guide to PeopleSoft.

Daily News > Resources > Software Applications > PeopleSoft > Support & Training>Adjunct Faculty Guide to PeopleSoft

When can I change a student’s grade?

• Grade changes may be made at any time by the instructor.

When are grades due?


Deadline for Grades to be Entered

 Semester length classes
 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd grading day at the end of semester
 Non-semester length classes
 5:00 p.m. on the 5th college working day after the last class has been completed
 Non-semester length classes that conclude at the end of the semester
 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd grading day at the end of the semester

How do I know last date attended with online classes?

• This is something that you are going to have to determine, it’s not an exact science so all you can do is provide an educated guess. If you’re really not sure I would error on the side of the student and give them some extra time. 

In Blackboard, you can use the "Last Access Date" found in "Grade Center."

Questions contact Enrollment Services at (920)735-5645

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