Sustainable Learning & Technology 

Sustainability at FVTC

At Fox Valley Technical College we offer many courses and programs that focus on sustainability. We are actively expanding our state-of-the-art workforce training related to sustainability to meet employer expectations that graduates have green skills related to their occupations.

Learning about sustainability will help you prepare for future success in today's business environment where financial performance and the environment are both important to all stakeholders.

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Current Sustainability Offerings

Certificate Programs

Energy & Environmental Management

Photovoltaic Installer Entry Level

Energy Auditor (Residential)

Renewable Energy Engineering Technology

Energy Management & Control for Buildings

Classes with significant sustainability content


Sustainable Design and Construction
Principles of Building Science
Energy Audit Business
Energy Audit Techniques

Energy, Power & Sustainable Power

Sustainability Assessment & Design
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Process Development Application
Photovoltaic Systems Overview
Renewable Energies, Overview
Photovoltaics Basics and Safety
Photovoltaics, Intermediate
Photovoltaic Design and Installation
Agriculture Renewable Energy
Virgin Oil Processing
Vegetable Oil Into Biodiesel
Raw Vegetable 2 Fuel Systems
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology
Photovoltaic Systems Overview
Energy Storage Devices
Power Conversion Technology
Wind Power Engineering Technology
Photovoltaic Engineering Technology
Renewable Energy-Agriculture
Fundamentals of Energy
Energy Production and Use
Energy & Environmental Conservation
Economics and Procurement of Energy
Advanced Chassis Systems
Import Hybrid Vehicle Systems
Electrical 1-ASEP
Engine/Powertrain Diagnostics-ASEP

Sustainability, Environmental Health & Safety

Introduction to ISO 14000
Safety & Environmental Health
Sustainability as a Business Strategy
Sustainable Materials Management

Landscaping & Horticulture

Turf Mgt & Irrigation Systems
Organic Lawn Care

Natural Resources

Principles of Sustainability
Wildlife Mgt - nongame & hunted species
Fish Mgmt-Ichthyology, Limnology
Forestry 2
Soil & Water Conservation
Soil & Water Conservation/Engineering
Water Quality and Wastewater Mgt
Water Quality and Wastewater Mgt 2
Forest Management and Products

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