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FVTC’s team of Lean Six Sigma specialists offer a variety of customized training, consultation, self-paced and online solutions for the lean practitioner or front-line worker. Experienced and certified Lean Performance Center experts are available to present the classroom-based Lean Overview and the online-based e-Lean training for your employees at a date, time and location convenient for you.

The online and classroom training can be customized including tailored exercises, customized videos and vignettes and applied case studies. Both options feature an overview of lean fundamentals including:
  • Specify value
  • Identify value streams
  • Develop flow
  • Create pull
  • Pursue perfection

Classroom Lean Overview - 4-12 hour options
Introduces a systematic approach to eliminating waste within the office, non-manufacturing or production work environment. Identify and understand value from the customer’s perspective and the eight common forms of waste that impede good flow. Learn the basics of 6S visual management, the application of flow, and how lean impacts an organization’s current work processes. We will show you how to increase your competitiveness by implementing a continuous improvement strategy that focuses on process excellence and builds internal resources.
  • 4-Hour Option – Delivered in one four-hour session. Instructors will introduce participants to basic lean concepts and assign a waste observation task.
  • 8-Hour Option – Delivered in two, four-hour sessions. In addition to the basic concepts introduced in session one, instructors will facilitate a class discussion about the waste observation task in detail during the second session and invite participants to explore in-depth how lean processes minimize waste.
  • 12-Hour Option – Delivered in three, four-hour sessions. In addition to the concepts introduced in the first two sessions, the third session will address soft skills such as listening, communication and teamwork. Participants carry the previous lessons through to an application project. They apply knowledge by documenting a process and creating standard work instructions including process steps, sequence, and timing, or complete a miniature workplace organization project. Participants discuss the projects in detail and present their results during the final session.
Lean organizations measure true success by cultural integration and project implementation. Hands-on application and additional instructor support are key benefits offered in the multi-session course options.

Online e-Lean - 4-hour training module
Acquire the functional knowledge of lean in a self-paced, four-hour online course. Gain an understanding of basic lean concepts and the vocabulary associated with participation in a kaizen or rapid improvement event. Become grounded in basic lean practices using interactive content and fundamental manufacturing and non-manufacturing examples.

The module contains a series of videos, interactive learning objects and employee feedback mechanisms. Each unit includes a brief quiz to validate comprehension of key points. The course generates a portfolio for students and has a reporting function for organizational tracking of student participation. The online course is also available to businesses via a subscription.

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Lean Overview & e-Lean Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized Lean Overview or online e-Lean training, contact:

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