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Marketing at FVTC Oshkosh Riverside gives you the opportunity to discover your inner creativity through everything from marketing communications and advertising to research and customer relationship management.

At FVTC Oshkosh, you have the opportunity to participate in a student-run business called Fox Xpress.  Our program offers experienced instructors, hands-on learning, smaller class sizes and a schedule that will fit your lifestyle, all at a cost lower than a four year college!

What FVTC offers you, the student......

We give you all the tools you need to find your niche in the world of marketing careers. Some of the classes you will take include:

  • Promotions - Examines the theory, practice and management of advertising.  Uses a comprehensive advertising project to simulate the decisions and practices made in the real environment.  Topics include the development of an advertising plan, selecting the media, budgeting, and the relationship of advertising to the marketing problem and the marketing mix.
  • Internet Marketing - In this hands-on course, the student will be introduced to internet marketing principles, best practices for digital and interactive marketing and online marketing strategies.  The student will gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance and relevance of the Internet/Web as a marketing tool in the increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.
  • Marketing Principles - Introduces modern marketing practices.  The course examines the role played by marketing in society and covers consumer motivation, market segmentation, product development, advertising and channels of distribution.
  • Marketing Management - An advanced marketing course that instructs students in creative decision making relative to the marketing mix, channels of distribution and industrial and international marketing.  Emphasizes the development, organization, implementation and control of the marketing plan.
  • Advance Sales Workshop - Focuses on advanced concepts of industrial and services selling with actual application of the selling process. Emphasizes hands-on selling by using videotape analysis and small group interaction. Develops skills in time management, self-motivation and territorial organization.
  • Sales Management- Gives a detailed look at the position of sales manager as an organizer, administrator and decision make.  Emphasizes the decision-making process used in sales management.
  • Marketing Research - Focuses on the skills and techniques necessary to conduct basic marketing research. It covers problem definitions, planning studies, use of secondary data, questionnaire design and development, instrument administration, and data collection and interpretation.
  • Retail Principles - Develops the skills and knowledge necessary for entry into a mid-management position in retailing. The course analyzes the role and development of retailing, buying and selling, personnel, store location and layout, sales promotion and financial control.
  • Sales Principles - Examines the basic concepts and principles of sales as they apply to retailing.  It includes wholesaling and industrial selling, the function of selling in business and living, careers in personal selling, requirements and rewards, buying motives and product knowledge.

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Helpful Friends In The Community .......

FVTC of Oshkosh Riverside Campus students are helped along the way with projects and internships by many locally owned businesses in Oshkosh or the surrounding area. Some of the local businesses that help the students include:

Buffalo Wild Wings logoOshkosh Lanes logo
Mahoney's Grill--Oshkosh logoOshkosh Community Media Services logo

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