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Free PC Security

The following items are freeware or in some cases, 30 day trials, which revert to free for home users. They can be found at Use the following instructions, or just click on the "click here" at the end of each product's description. To see a larger selection of software type 'Free Security Software' in the search engine of your browser.

  • To use the PC World website to locate Malware Software.
  • Open your 'Internet Browser'
  • In the address box on the address toolbar type:
  • With the many changes to the PC World Website use the following instructions.
  • From the PC World Website Menu Bar located near the top of the web page select "Security".
  • Select the desired information program and follow instructions.
  • OR for more computer Malware prevention select "Software" from the Main Page  and from the secondary menu bar select "Security".
  • Scroll down to the "Best Free Software for Protecting Your PC and Privacy" and click on the wording.
  • Scroll down to select the desired software.
  • Note: Not all programs are free.


Google AVG AntiVirus Free Edition or click here


Google "Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition" or click here
Google "Spybot Search & Destroy" or click here
Google "Spyblaster" or click here


Google "Kerio Personal Firewall" or click here
Google "ZoneAlarm" or click here

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