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Royale Smoothie Company Fruit


Fruit Smoothies
Small = 215 calories
Large = 310 calories
Fruit Smoothie Lites
Small = 145 calories
Large = 195 calories

  • Natural sweetening agent (Crystalline Fructose)
  • Crystalline Fructose is metered into the liver, avoiding “Sugar highs & crashes.”
  • The American Diabetes Association policy states that fructose is acceptable in the management of diabetes.
  • Fruit Smoothies – SM = 215 LG = 310 Calories
  • Fruit Sm. Lites – SM = 145 LG = 195 Calories
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The Royale Smoothie Co. Brand began when we recognized that consumers demanded healthier alternatives. The result is a superior formulated, high quality, healthy fruit puree mix.

The complete line of Royale Smoothie Co. Products are all made in a very modern production environment meeting and exceeding all federal requirements. The process is done completely within a controlled environment assuring all Food Safety Guidelines are met or exceeded.

Our Fruit Smoothies are made from real fruit purees freshly picked at their peak of ripeness. They contain no High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cane or Beet Sugars, only a safe natural sweetening agent, Crystalline Fructose

Most sweeteners, like sucrose, dextrose, glucose and High Fructose Corn Syrup, give a rapid release of energy that is quickly depleted, leaving the body with low blood glycogen stores. (Insulin Crash)

No Sugar Spikes! Crystalline Fructose is metered into glucose by the liver, avoiding the “Sugar High” and the “Sugar Crash.” The slow absorption of Crystalline Fructose from the stomach and intestines, but rapid assimilation in the liver, can also result in Prevention of Protein or muscle breakdown.

During exercise, gluconeogenesis occurs as the liver works to replenish the depleted glucose levels in the blood with sugar substrates. Crystalline Fructose can provide a longer lasting supply of available substrates and reducing muscle loss.

Crystalline Fructose has a Glycemic value of 32, which is very low (White Bread is 100). It, therefore, does NOT cause a large and rapid rise in Insulin and does NOT cause Lipogenesis.

Simply stated, Crystalline Fructose... Does Not Build Fat Cells!

Yes, The American Diabetes Association policy states that fructose is acceptable in the management of diabetes. Eating fructose causes a significantly lower rise in blood sugar than eating an equal amount of sucrose (table sugar) or other simple sugars. Many research studies have shown this to be true for people with both Insulin Dependent and Non-Insulin Dependent diabetes. People with poorly controlled diabetes, however, may see a greater rise in blood sugar after eating fructose. Consult your healthcare professional for individual guidance.

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