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Projects & Schedule 

Schedule Update

Fox Valley Technical College announces an update on its facility expansion plans as a result of passing a $66.5 million public referendum on April 3, 2012.

The passage of the referendum, which yielded a 65.3% favorable vote, enabled the college to move forward on several projects designed to meet the increased needs of regional employers and specialized training initiatives.

FVTC’s facility plans as part of the referendum include the construction of a Public Safety Training Center in collaboration with the Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW), and a Health Simulation Technology Center and Student Success Center on the Appleton campus. Expansion efforts include the J. J. Keller Transportation Center and Agriculture Center, also both located on the Appleton campus.

Two other aspects of the referendum include meeting regional growth needs in both Chilton and Oshkosh. FVTC purchased its Chilton Regional Center as part of passing the vote, and a land acquisition process is in the works in Oshkosh adjacent to the college’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center.

After several months of going through various regulatory phases related to zoning, planning, and environmental matters, FVTC is announcing the following tentative timeline concerning the anticipated construction and completion of the projects:

Construction Begins     
 Health Simulation & Technology Center October 2012 Fall 2013
 Public Safety Training Center March 2013 Spring 2015
 Student Success Center March 2013 Fall 2014
 Agriculture Center (expansion) April 2013 Fall 2013
 J. J. Keller Transportation Center (expansion) 
 April 2013 Spring 2014

About the Projects

FVTC's Facilities Development Plan includes the following 7 priority projects: 

Public Safety Training Center
The Public Safety Training Center, created in partnership with the Outagamie County Regional Airport, addresses our capacity needs for new students and professional training in law enforcement, fire protection, and EMS. Currently, opportunity is limited due to our facilities and the absence of an adequate outdoor tactical training environment. Learn more >>

Health Simulation & Technology Center
Creation of the Health Simulation & Technology Center addition will allow our students to better use human patient simulators and prepare for realistic health care situations within a virtual hospital and real-life simulation lab setting.
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Student Success Center
Remodeling the central core of our main campus will create a Student Success Center to provide space for supplemental instruction, tutoring and academic support to meet the diverse needs of students.
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J. J. Keller Transportation Center Expansion
Expanding the J. J. Keller Transportation Center gives us space for vehicle inspection and maintenance, and allows us to accept more students (there is currently a wait list) to meet areas of high industry demand in truck driving, diesel technology and automotive technology.
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Agriculture Center Expansion
Remodeling our Agriculture Center will allow us to serve the growing enrollment in the state’s largest industry—agri-business. The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students taking agriculture-related classes has jumped nearly 87% in the past four years alone.
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Future Regional Expansion: Oshkosh
Purchase of a land parcel in Oshkosh next to the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center on Highway 41 allows for future program and campus growth. Since 2007, the number of students taking classes at our Oshkosh facilities has grown 25%.
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Future Regional Expansion: Chilton
Purchase of our Chilton Regional Center, which we currently lease, will free up operating dollars and allow us to build a small expansion to serve the growth at this facility. Enrollment in programs offered at this regional center has grown 36% since 2008.
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See the cost breakdown by project (pdf) >>