Student/Faculty Roles and Responsibilities 

The Student:
  • clarifies his/her personal values, abilities, interests, goals and seeks resources needed
  • contacts and makes appointment with the advisor or counselor when required or when in need of assistance
  • becomes knowledgeable about and adheres to institutional policies, procedures, and requirements as explained at the new student orientation and outlined in the student handbook and catalog
  • prepares for the advising sessions and brings appropriate resources or material and follows through on actions identified during each advising session
  • is proactive in the decision-making process and accepts final responsibility for all decisions
  • monitors the course/program requirements for graduation
  • informs instructors of missed classes
The Instructor:
  • assists in class registration
  • provides students with quality instruction
  • provides help in students' classes
The Faculty Advisor:
  • meets with students each semester
  • is the primary contact outside of classes
  • helps with academic problems/probation-suspension
  • provides students with program/career information
  • assists in class registration
  • assists in planning for graduation
  • follows through the Early Academic Alert process
The Counselor:
  • helps with program changes
  • helps with academic planning
  • assists students with academic challenges/study skills
  • helps students explore career options
  • provides short-term counseling for personal issues
  • provides referral for long-term personal issues
  • assists students in withdrawing from academic programs when necessary
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