Get Ready (Preparation Strategies) 


Use these resources to help you get ready to teach a class. 

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation Checklist

The New Adjunct Faculty Orientation Checklist is available by clicking here.

Employability Essentials

Employability Essentials are the skills and behaviors that employers want to see demonstrated in the workplace, so they are part of all students training at Fox Valley Technical College. Students will learn to master these concepts throughout their program courses.

Employability Essentials


Mission, Vision, and Values

Course Design

The Learning Cycle

Advance Organizer

Thriving and Surviving Flow of Classroom Events


Course Curriculum Documentation
Course  Curriculum needs to be documented in WIDS2WEB System. Short training videos and instructions can be found here.

FVTC Curriculum Services

Curriculum Using the Cardinal Law of Teaching

Curriculum Using Backwards Design in PBI - Critical Lessons for New Teachers

Less is More - Trim Overstuffed Curriculum

First Day/Week

First Day Teaching Resource Links

The First Week Activities collection is full of activities that instructors can use during the first few days of classes to create connections and build community.



Learning/Lesson Plans

Strong Introductions

Closing the Lesson

Lesson Plan Templates

Cautions for Faculty

As an instructor, you will influence students academically, emotionally, and socially.  It is important to consider the information provided in the Cautions for Faculty to provide a positive learning environment.

Creating Community

Community Building

Teaching Tips

Create Community in Your Classroom

Supportive Classrooms

Attendance Tracking

You are welcome to use your own method OR the resource below to track class attendance.

Printing a Roster for Attendance

Student Attendance in Program Courses Policy

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