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Pilot Training Testimonials 

Hear what our students, graduates and employers have to say about the Aeronautics-Pilot Training program.

Testimonial from David Hoffmann, alumnus, currently employed with Steins Aircraft Services.

David Hoffmann, Alumnus

Steins Aircraft Services

Elizabeth Focus

Elizabeth Amweg, Alumnus

American Eagle Airlines Pilot

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Amanda White, Alumnus

Phoenix Air Pilot 

"The knowledge, skills and real world experience that I acquired at FVTC, both as a student and a flight instructor, have really helped me succeed as I've pursued my career goals. The hands-on experience-whether in the classroom, maintenance hangar, simulators or in the airplane, enhanced my training and allowed me to excel.

I am currently a First Officer at Phoenix Air, based in Cartersville, Georgia, where I fly air ambulance missions in the Lear 35/36. It's been a fun journey so far. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the program at FVTC. It was the first step toward making my aviation dreams come true!"

Air Wisconsin

Charlie Mader, Alumnus

Air Wisconsin Airlines Pilot

"One of the greatest attributes of the pilot-training program at Fox Valley Technical College is the extremely high quality of training that they provide. The standards that they uphold ensure that every graduate is not just a mediocre pilot, but a highly-trained and knowledgeable pilot who will succeed in their career. This become clear to me when I was hired at Air Wisconsin Airlines and I saw how well-prepared I was for the rigors of initial airline training. Having been in the airline industry now for over a year I can see why FVTC has such a good reputation among the regional airlines."

Ryan Ellenson

Ryan Ellenson, Alumnus

Air Wisconsin Airlines Pilot

"FVTC gave me the tools and experience I needed to earn my private pilot’s license and flight instructor ratings. I learned leadership and decision-making skills."
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“Air Wisconsin has hired quite a few graduates from FVTC’s Aeronautics Pilot Training program over the years and we’ve always been impressed. The knowledge, skill and mindset in these graduates has led to their success with our company. Several of them have also taken up leadership roles with AWAC as safety and quality analysts, as well as training instructors and line captains.”

Michael Bauer

Training Manager, Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation

"I can't say enough about the job you do at Fox Valley Technical College.
It's very eye-opening to see the real FBO environment and it makes me very thankful to have attended the program at Fox Valley. The tools and teaching methods I got are the biggest reasons I got this job.
I also got into Marquette University and plan on going there in the fall to get a four-year degree.
Keep up the amazing work!"

Zach Schabla, Alumnus

West Bend Air

"Fox Valley Technical College offers a truly unique experience in aviation flight training. From small class sizes, experienced instructors, and the latest in technology, FVTC is a proven path to a professional aviation career."

Aaron Wisneski, Alumnus

Pilot, Express Jet

My experience in the FVTC aviation program gave me a wonderful education and the knowledge necessary to become a pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. That experience then allowed me to pursue my career goal of becoming an airline pilot.
The two year technical program was perfectly suited to my needs, allowing me to flight instruct while I finished a four year degree. When I graduated from the four year school I had the flight experience necessary to be hired by an airline and earned a four year degree at the same time.
The small size of FVTC allows for much more personalized instruction and a lot of one on one instruction that allowed me to learn much quicker than a larger school. The cost of the FVTC aviation program was about half of what it would have been at other four year aviation schools and I obtained more FAA ratings at FVTC than I would have at the four year school. I thought the focus of the education was geared to what the industry was looking for, geared at getting me hired into the profession I wanted.
I would rate my overall experience with FVTC as a very positive one, and I would highly recommend this program to other people interested in becoming a pilot."

Michael Ford, Alumnus

"I had a great experience with my education at FVTC. They take great care and pride in maintaining the aircraft fleet so that each student has great and safe equipment to work with. All of the instructors are well trained and take great care and pride in making sure their students are succeeding in their goals. I was a part of small classes that allowed for one on one instruction if needed and was able to get better acquainted with my class mates. The program is NOT designed to simply rush you through with just the basic information needed to receive your certificates; it is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills needed to have a successful career in aviation. The internship program allows you to get a feel for your new career while being mentored along the way allowing you to further fine tune your skills and abilities. The short two year program and the experience I gained through the internship program allowed me to begin the successful career that I now have in aviation."

Baily Tews

Pilot, Aerial Photography and Research

"The Flight Training program at Fox Valley Technical College offers not only the highest quality flight training, but also gives students the chance to gain industry experience more quickly than the standard four year degree program. The faculty that provide both the flight and ground training bring a wealth of real world aviation experience that benefit their students. As a “visiting” instructor that provides spin training to CFI FVTC flight students, I can attest to the level of skill and knowledge they possess compared to other programs. The students all have a strong understanding of procedures, cockpit resource management and proper communication technique. FVTC offers an exceptional program that will let students get into the industry more quickly and with the skills they need to succeed."

Mike Love

Aerobatic Airshow Pilot
Aerobatic Instructor
Charter Pilot

"As a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and retired military aviator I can honestly state that the structured, standardized training that the students receive is at the same level as used in airline and military training programs. I have the opportunity to evaluate the students at several levels during the program and due to the focus on quality instruction throughout the entire program, the students are always well prepared and motivated to successfully complete their required checkrides.
The other outstanding attribute to the flight training program is the emphasis on safety. While I conduct checkrides, I examine the entire flight process, from the flight planning before the flight, to the decision whether the flight can be made safely, to the pre-flight, the actual flight and then the post-flight. I am monitoring the students’ actions to determine not only if they can fly the aircraft, but that the entire process is accomplished in a safe, professional manner. I can state that the training the students receive is at the highest level of quality, with extra emphasis on aviation safety.
I can comfortably state, I can recommend graduates of the FVTC flight program for employment in the aviation community anywhere."

Dick Hanusa

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
Retired FAA Flight Standards Inspector

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