Intro to Alignment using Hunter Alignment Systems 

This FVTC seminar is designed for technicians working with Hunter Alignment systems. Hands-on application of information and vehicle repair will be included in the seminar.
  • Characteristics of vehicle handling
        o Pulls, Drifts, and Wandering
        o Cornering and stability
        o Road isolation, feedback and steering
  • Inspecting suspension/steering systems
        o Thorough suspension component inspection
        o Steering component inspection/diagnosing
        o Tire wear patterns
  • Alignment Angle Theory and Measurement
        o Caster, camber and toe – The effect they have on drivability and tread life
        o Geometric centerline, thrust line and thrust angle
        o Diagnosing causes of pulls, drifts, and wandering
  • Understanding how the Hunter Alignment system works
        o Mounting the sensor using standard and optional procedures
        o Sensor compensation options and procedures
        o Total four-wheel alignment/Thrust alignment
        o Measure caster
        o Maintenance of equipment
  • Using, Modifying and adding Specifications
        o Creating and Storing customized specifications
  • Adjusting front and rear alignment angles
        o Rear adjustment methods (rear shims, wedges, eccentrics, etc)
        o Front adjustment methods (upper control arm, struts, strut rods, etc)
  • The NEW final Step:
        o Steering Angle sensor/ESC re-set procedures and relationship to wheel alignment
        o CodeLink usage

Who Should Attend

Technicians working on steering and suspension repair. Service writers with customer contact will communicate effectively with clients and technicians producing shorter cycle times, increased profit, and higher customer satisfaction.

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