Early Childhood Mental Health Seminar 

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Early Childhood Mental Health Seminar
Friday, May 2, 2014

Fox Valley Technical College
1825 North Bluemound Drive - Appleton Campus
Room: HS301 - Entrance 16

Register for the ECMH Seminar at: www.cesa7.org

Registration will remain open through April 16th, 2014 - A registration fee of $25 will include a continental breakfast, lunch, and registry hours!

Professional Development Opportunity for:The Early Childhood Community and Professionals including but not limited to; Early Educators, Clinicians, Pediatricians, Social Workers, Home Visitors, Child Welfare, Public Health, Consultants, Early Interventionists, Therapists, Families, and Community Stakeholders.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Casey Hanson

Dr. Hanson is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in numerous areas including: psychological evaluation, trauma, autism spectrum disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. She completed her Master of Science in psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy-Psychology (PhD) from Marquette University in Milwaukee WI. She also has a Master of Science in clinical psychopharmacology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. Dr. Hanson has experience and training in working with infants, children, adolescents and adults. She has practiced in diverse settings including county based mental health services, in home treatment teams, private outpatient practice, child and adult inpatient hospital settings, juvenile corrections, and forensic evaluation and treatment.

Morning Session with Dr. Hanson:

Participants in the morning keynote session will receive a primer on early attachment and trauma, brain responses to early traumatic experiences, including chronic trauma exposure (complex trauma). Additional information will be presented relating to the Adverse Childhood Events Study and the impact of early experiences on adult health and well-being, promoting the critical need for understanding of infant and child mental health and intervention. This session will provide not just theoretical and research information relating to childhood trauma, but practical strategies for caregivers and professionals, as well as working models for conceptualization of care provision.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Participants will have the opportunity to choose two breakout sessions when they register through CESA 7.

Breakout Session 1: Managing Challenging Behaviors in a Preschool Setting
Preschool is a time of significant change for young children and understanding normative development is the first step in managing challenging behavior in any setting. This session will begin with a focus on both typical preschool development and the mental health issues that most commonly impact this population. It will conclude with strategies for managing challenging behaviors in childcare settings and tools for assessing the need for professional intervention.

Presenter: Cami Molenaar is a licensed professional counselor in private practice here in the Fox Cities. She received her master’s degree from the University of Phoenix and went on to complete a two year fellowship with the Harris Institute in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health while working at a home based infant mental health community agency. Currently, she is working on her PhD in Educational Psychology through Walden University and Cami is also on the road to completing a yearlong learning collaborative for Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through Outagamie County.

Breakout Session 2: Connecting Infant Mental Health Knowledge to Home Visiting Practice
As a home visitor and supervisor of home visitors, I know that theory does not always apply smoothly to practice. Join me to discuss some key components of home visiting that will allow you to grow, not just within your practice or program, but also as an individual. We will also support and learn from each other through conversation and idea sharing. This breakout session is appropriate for (but not limited to) home visitors who work with parents of infants & toddlers.

Presenter: Michael Hoffman has worked since 2003, as a Birth – 3 Program Service Coordinator, Teacher and Director. Michael was a member of the first cohort of the University of Wisconsin Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Certificate Program in 2010/2011. He has also been endorsed by the Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health (WIAIMH) as an Infant Family Specialist (II). In 2014, Michael became a WIAIMH Board Member.

Breakout Session 3: Supporting Healthy Relationships
In this session, the participants will gain knowledge about Supporting Healthy Relationships in the Infant Mental Health Field. We will focus on early attachment and how to foster positive interactions that ultimately strengthen relationships. The session will also include the importance of supporting early childhood professionals through Reflective Practice.

Presenter: Stephanie Donahue earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis and has conducted research examining factors that influence early childhood development. She also holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Miami, where she began her professional work with young children in 2008 at the Mailman Center for Child Development. Since then, Stephanie has provided direct counseling services to young children and their caregivers, including the use of evidence-based treatments such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, in addition to training professionals and caregivers to enhance their abilities to appropriately care for young children. Stephanie enjoys working with professionals across disciplines to improve services provided to young children and their families. She is committed to promoting healthy social-emotional development of young children through direct treatment as well as preventive activities. In her role as Clinical Specialist at the Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health, Stephanie manages a Home Visiting Reflective Practice Project that aims to enhance state-funded home visiting programs’ capacities to integrate Reflective Supervision/Consultation into their practices to support families. She also coordinates Wisconsin’s Infant Mental Health Competency and Endorsement as well as supports professionals’ abilities to promote infant mental health and positive relationships within their discipline scope of practice. Finally, Stephanie provides consultation and advice to external organizations regarding infant mental health, early relationships, and trauma-informed care.

Breakout Session 4: Introduction to the Pyramid Model - Social and Emotional Competence
This session will include an overview of the Wisconsin eight-part training series which is a relationship-based model. The model focuses on evidence based practices that prevents challenging behaviors and promotes healthy social and emotional development by implementing a systems change way. In this session, participants will also receive an explanation of the Wisconsin Implementation/Facilitation Project.

Presenter: Barb Evensen is an Early Childhood Education faculty member at Fox Valley Technical College. She is a strong proponent of the Pyramid Model and for the strategies embedded in the approach. As an External Coach for a Wisconsin Implementation Project she has seen these concepts work. Barb was a member of the Wisconsin Pyramid Model Leadership Team and the Training Team and has helped to develop the 24 hour, 8 part training series and has incorporated much of the material into the Guiding Children's Behavior course for the technical college system. "Give children what they need before they demand it with their behavior" is her mantra. Barb believes that prevention strategies need to be understood by all people who impact the lives of young children.

Questions? Please contact:

Kim Liebhart
Early Childhood Mental Health Seminar Coordinator

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