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(National Association for the Education of Young Children)

NAEYC is the largest membership organization of early childhood professionals. The association has two goals: to help improve the professional practice of early childhood educators by providing opportunities and resources for professional growth and development and setting and promoting standards for professional practice. NAEYC also works to increase public understanding and support for high-quality programs for young children and their families through public policy initiatives and public education initiatives. For more information, see


(Wisconsin Early Childhood Association)

This is the state affiliate of NAEYC. This association also strives to support high quality programs, to advocate for young children and families and to increase support of the public policy initiatives. This association also offers:

  • Workshops and conferences
  • Newsletters and other publications
  • Public safety information and activities
  • Resource and referral networks
  • T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Program

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® (Teacher Education and Compensation Helps) Wisconsin Scholarship and Bonus Program provides scholarships for early childhood and school age providers to attend technical or private colleges or universities to achieve a higher educational level, by completing a specific educational path.

Each scholarship recipient receives a certain amount of money to help with the costs of college tuition, books and travel. With some scholarship models, recipients also receive paid release time.

Scholarships are based on the principle of partnership between the participant, the sponsoring child care program and the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin Scholarship Program, all sharing in the cost. For more info, see


(Valley Association for the Education of Young Children)

VAEYC is established for Early Childhood educators in the Fox Valley area. We recognize the importance of working together within the community to support the Early Childhood profession and to provide positive learning experiences for young children. Teachers of young children need a system of support to maintain their professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm. Through VAEYC, we offer professional information, a chance to share ideas, and networking opportunities to staff.

VAEYC is the local chapter to the national NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and the State organization WECA (Wisconsin Early Childhood Association). You can visit NAEYC’s web site at


(Department of Children and Families)

The mission of the Department of Children and Families is to promote the economic and social well-being of Wisconsin's children and families. The Department is committed to protecting children, strengthening families, and building communities.

Our five overarching goals are:

1. Children are nurtured, safe and engaged
2. Enhance prevention and early intervention efforts throughout Wisconsin
3. Families will have access to quality early care and education
4. Parents will secure and maintain meaningful jobs
5. Fathers will be more engaged in the lives of their children

Additional Resource Links

Child Care Information Center

CCIC is a mail-order lending library and information center serving anyone in Wisconsin working in the field of child care and early childhood education. CCIC provides free information services, library services, and adult learning services to help Wisconsin child care professionals give the best possible start to Wisconsin's children. CCIC is sponsored by the Child Care Section, Division of Family Supports, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and is administered by the Department of Public Instruction's Reference and Loan Library.

Child Care Resource & Referral of Central Wisconsin, Inc.

Child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agencies "do what it takes" to make child care work for families in the state of Wisconsin. They help parents sort through child care options and assist them in selecting quality child care. CCR&R agencies help to increase the supply of child care in areas that may be lacking sufficient care, offer start up information and technical support to potential child care providers, and give technical assistance and support to existing child care programs.

Supporting Families Together Association

The Supporting Families Together Association was created in 2007 with a merger of the Wisconsin Child Care Resource and Referral Network, the Wisconsin Child Care Improvement Project, and a statewide network of Family Resource Centers. SFTA’s mission is to support groups that promote quality early care, resources, and education to enrich the lives of children and strengthen families. SFTA also provides training and technical assistance to existing and prospective family child care programs and group child care centers.

The Registry

The Registry is Wisconsin’s Recognition System for the Childhood care and Education Profession. It acknowledges and highlights the training, experience and professionalism that are vital to quality childcare. A certificate verifies that individuals have met all State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services entry level and continuing education requirements. Training above and beyond those requirements along with experience and professional contributions are represented by the levels and stars of the career ladder. All training is quantified by core knowledge area as defined by the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Child Development Associate (CDA).

The certificate honors each recipient’s unique training background and provides a tool for demonstrating their qualities and strengths as well as a professional image. It encourages growth and ambition by defining goals and celebrating the attainment of those goals. It provides a standard that helps parents choose the qualities that fit their families needs. It tells the world that it matters how we educate and care for our children. Visit the web site at

Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association

The Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association is committed to the promotion of excellence in child care administration. WCCAA is active at local, regional, state, and national levels. WCCAA is represented on many advisory committees and boards and provides quality training by hosting a statewide conference each year.

WCCAA Mission: "To Support Each Other As Child Care Administrators in Providing Quality Programming for Wisconsin's Families."

Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners

The vision of Collaborating Partners is that all children in Wisconsin will receive the necessary services and family supports to attain their optimal developmental potential during the critical early years from birth through age five.

Wisconsin Training Network

T-Net is the statewide and profession-wide web calendar and training clearinghouse for anyone in the field of child care and education in Wisconsin. Training sessions can be sorted according to area of the state, date, topic, sponsor, or presenter.

Wisconsin Family Child Care Association

The Wisconsin Family Child Care Association, WFCCA, is a statewide organization of Family Child Care providers and their supporters, formed to provide support, involvement, and communication with others in the profession.

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