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New This Summer, 2012, After 40 Years Electronics Becomes

Engineering Electronics Design & Manufacturing

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Program Description:

Engineering Electronics Design & Manufacturing is a broad-based program providing training for many fields. Diverse areas of employment include: product development, testing, service, maintenance, and engineering support. Demand for Electronic Engineering Technicians continues to grow rapidly. The new program provides you with the tools for a successful career in electronics where instructors recognize the value of hands-on flexible learning with a focus on component and system level: construction, programming, interfacing, and troubleshooting.

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A Good Paying Career Even in Today’s Economy

Electronic grads earned on average $41,903 within the first six months and had 42 job postings to choose from. “FVTC graduate report 2010”

Labeled Bright Outlook and Green, Engineering Technicians earn on average $58,020, $27.89 hourly. “Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010”

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Job Description:

Electronic engineering technicians help design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers. They may work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment. Workers whose jobs primarily involve repairing electrical and electronic equipment often are referred to as electronics technicians. (Bureau of Labor Statistics

Past Graduate Positions Indicate EngineeringTechnicianAtWork

Local Career Opportunities:

Electronic Engineer & Technician
Field Service Engineer & Technician
Electrical Engineering Technician
Industrial Technician
(PCB) Design Engineer
Component Engineer
Electrical Designer
Broadcast Engineer
Test & Lab Technician
Systems Technician
Engineering Specialist
Data Technician
Network Technician
CAD/CAM Technician

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Only a Two Year Investment

A cost effective education with financial aid, grant, and internship opportunities await you here in the Fox Valley.

62% of Electronics Engineering Technologists/Technicians have an Associate Degree. “Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010”

Flexible classes work with your schedule.

Keep the door open with over 20 B.S. transfer opportunities for future growth!

Learn about High Tech on High Tech Equipment

Experience hands on training with today’s technology, our labs rival four year institutions!  Train on equipment and software your likely to see in local industry, in your new career.  Your instructors have actual work experience in this field and are eager to train you.
For more information contact Todd Van De Hey or phone him at 920-735-2557
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Graduate Mike Fox

Upon successful completion of the program, Graduates will be able to:

Apply electronic theory to practice
Build electronic circuits and systems
Operate test equipment
Analyze electronic systems
Communicate technical information
Troubleshoot electronic equipment,
  circuitry, and software
Program and interface: computers,
  equipment, and devices
Develop electronic test and data
  collection software and systems

Certifications Graduates May Pursue:

The American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians  ASCET
Electronic Technicians Association ETA
International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians  ISCET
A+ and Network+ 
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