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Your career in Occupational Therapy starts at Fox Valley Technical College.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Admission Requirements

  • Admissions Assessment
  • High school graduation or equivalent
  • Official high school transcripts or equivalent
  • ACCUPLACER scores must meet general education level before beginning general education courses.
  • Official transcripts and advanced standing documents from other colleges should be turned in to the FVTC Enrollment Services.
OTA (514-) Core Course Requirements:
  1. Program Prep Language is required if Language ACCUPLACER score is less than 97.
  2. Program Prep Reading is required if Reading ACCUPLACER score is less than 80.
  3. Elementary Alegbra is required if Math/Arithmetic ACCUPLACER score is less than 46 and/or the algebra score is below 51.
  4. An ACCUPLACER Algebra score of 51 or more (or two semesters of high school chemistry with grade of C or better) is required to take General Chemistry 10-806-134 which is a prerequisite for General Anatomy & Physiology 10-806-177.

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Since students may not be able to register for occupational specific courses for a term or more after applying to the OTA program, this time should be used to complete required general education and Medical Terminology 10-501-101 course.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

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