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FAQs for Prospective Students 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the OTA program at FVTC?
You contact the Admissions Center at (920) 735-5645 or (800) 735-3882, or apply online at

You may also email

How many years does it take to complete?
It takes 2 years attending full-time with 16-18 credits to complete. This includes one summer of 6 credits. It may take a student 3 to 5 years to complete as there are many applicants and general education courses are completed prior to getting into the core OTA courses . (Full-time is considered 12 credits per semester and is recommended by the program counselor and faculty.)  Course work is expected to be completed in 5 years.  It is recommended that Fieldwork II be completed within 18 months following completion of academic preparation.

When can I enter the program?
Twenty students are entered into core OTA courses in the fall and spring semesters after meeting the program requirements.  Enrollment in core is by application date and met requirements.  There is no wait list.

How are classes delivered?
All but one core OTA classes are delivered in the classroom with some materials available in an online format; Medical and Psychosocial Conditions is online.  OTA Practice and Management is an accelerated 1-week class on campus with some assignments completed online in Blackboard.  There is one late day/evening course offered in the OTA core program in semester 3. There are no weekend courses.

What courses can I take from other colleges?
General education courses can be taken elsewhere if they are comparable to those required at FVTC. Students must have a transcript sent from the other college with their completed coursework and grades listed for review/acceptance of credits.  Transfer of OTA courses are approved by the OTA department chair after review of materials (syllabus, course description and content) and discussion with the prospective student. 

Can I transfer in from another OTA program?
If a student transfers from another OTA program, they must submit an official transcript of grades, submit a letter of reference from the department chair of the college the student is transferring from and submit a letter of application describing the student's intent to continue.  Once the material is submitted it will be reviewed and an interview set up to meet the prospective transfer student if program space is available. A plan is then devised to transfer in the coursework and track a  course sequence plan.  (All the OTA programs in the state of Wisconsin have the same curriculum.)  Students taking courses at FVTC have priority over transfer students and will be admitted to core OTA courses upon availability of space.

Application to Transfer OTA Credits Process

OTA Student Recommendation Form

What if I have special needs and require accommodation?
Please see the OTA Job Essentials for details.
(Needs could include assistance with test taking, limitations in bending, lifting, grasping, etc.)   Job demands  include physical, environmental, visual, hearing, interpersonal, reading, communication, math and cognitive functions.

If you have specifics please request assistance from the Educational Support Services located in room E122 inside Entrance 10 or you can call them at (920) 735-2569. The OTA program has essential job function  demands in place for the educational program. A meeting with you and an educational support staff (and an OTA program representative) may be scheduled to develop an accommodation plan.

For additional information on Occupational Therapy program schools and any further career information please see: Occupational Therapy Schools in Wisconsin (OT Career Path Website)

What can I expect to earn directly after graduation?
Wages for an alumnus from the OTA program vary from area to area around the state of Wisconsin and the USA. You also will notice differences in wages depending on the type of site you choose to work at and the level of responsibility. check the Graduate Employment Research Report) for the beginning OTA.

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